YouTube working with the government to censor vaccine skepticism

To help push the pro-vaccine narrative, the government has enlisted the help of social media networks to censor any skepticism of the COVID-19 vaccines.

This is most prevalent on YouTube, which announced late last month that it will begin removing all content that questions “any approved medical vaccine,” not just the COVID-19 vaccines.

According to Matt Halprin, YouTube’s vice president for trust and safety, this ban will cover any video that questions the effectiveness of vaccines and talks about their side effects.

Halprin claimed in an interview that the company’s previous pronouncement regarding coronavirus-related content on the website was too limited. The previous policy only banned videos that were critical of COVID-19 vaccines.

“We can imagine viewers then potentially extrapolating to COVID-19,” said Halprin. “We wanted to make sure that we’re covering the whole gamut.”

As of the end of September, YouTube said it has taken down more than one million videos for misinformation related to all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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