‘You’re killing me!’ Donald Trump told Jared Kushner too much COVID testing would cost him the election – as president’s pollster said supporters would embrace mask-wearing but Trump refused

President Donald Trump (left), returning to the White House Thursday with first lady Melania Trump (right), pointed a finger at Jared Kushner and there being too much coronavirus testing predicting he would lose the election, the New York Times reported
IN THE DOGHOUSE: President Donald Trump told Jared Kushner it would be his son-in-law’s fault if he lost re-election as Kushner set up some of the COVID-19 testing. The president wanted fewer Americans to be tested because the high numbers made him look bad 

The Times’ reporting makes clear that Trump’s pandemic response was being looked at through a political lens, with the November 3 election always in sight. 

The newspaper recalls and August 19 Oval Office meeting where Trump tore into Kushner because American testing was showing too much spread. 

‘I want to do what Mexico does,’ Trump said. ‘They don’t give you a test ’til you get to the emergency room and you’re vomiting.’   

The paper also reported that Trump’s main pollster Tony Fabrizio presented the president with numbers that showed his supporters would embrace mask-wearing. 

But Trump’s political gut said otherwise.   

He was also influenced by key aides including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who as a congressman led the right-wing Freedom Caucus, and Stephen Miller. 

‘The base will revolt,’ Meadows said, according to The Times reporting. 

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