Workers continue to get fired for not complying with vaccine mandates

While YouTube and other social media networks are focusing on censoring vaccine skepticism on the internet, corporations all over the country are forcing their employees to get vaccinated under the threat of unemployment.

This is the case in the healthcare industry. According to the latest tally by healthcare industry news website Fierce Healthcare, nearly 6,000 healthcare workers had been terminated or had resigned from nearly 50 hospitals and health systems all over the country. Additionally, around 6,600 healthcare workers are currently suspended or have yet to report their vaccination status.

It is expected that hundreds or thousands more healthcare workers will lose their jobs as more hospitals and health systems reach their deadlines for partial or full vaccination.

The assault on Americans who are skeptical of the vaccines from the government and the private sector is relentless.

Of all the aspects of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Marks wrote that the push to force everyone to get vaccinated “is one of the most troubling, and should cause us to consider its probability, provenance and rectification.”meLearn more about how governments and corporations all over the world are working together to coerce people into getting the deadly COVID-19 vaccines at

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