WikiHow says “anti-vaxxer” parents are violent child abusers, urges children to recruit doctors to overrule parental consent as part of Big Tech’s war on health freedom and vaccine truth

(Natural News) Children who browse the web without supervision and stumble upon the popular “learn how to do anything” WikiHow website may encounter a new “Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent” entry that contains specific instructions about how to get vaccinated in secret as a child without your parents knowing about it.

The entry clearly aims to plant in children’s minds the idea that all parental opposition to vaccination, no matter the reason, represents a type of child abuse that children can effectively overcome by sidestepping their authority and getting jabbed without their knowledge or consent.

As part of the “Making Plans” portion of the entry, children are instructed to first ask their parents if they can get vaccinated – the implication being that chemical needles are just too much fun to not get. If that doesn’t work, the next step is to ask a doctor, school nurse, or “another responsible adult to help you convince your family.”

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