What the crackdown on farmers’ protests says about the future of democracy in India

On this week’s episode of Worldly,we discuss how a real policy debate in India turned ugly.

The farmers’ protests in India had already turned ugly — and then global celebrities like Rihanna and Greta Thunberg stepped in.

In this week’s episode of WorldlyVox’s foreign affairs podcast, co-hosts Zack Beauchamp, Jennifer Williams, and Alex Ward explain why thousands of Indian farmers have spent months protesting recent agricultural reform laws passed by the government.

They touch on why Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi so fiercely pushed the reforms, the legitimate policy debate at the center of it all, and how the vile online reaction to Rihanna’s and Thunberg’s statements in support of the farmers from pro-Modi trolls shows the rot at the core of India’s democracy.

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