What pandemic? Thousands celebrate on the Las Vegas Strip, NYC cops bust underground parties and Florida revelers pack clubs and bars on New Year’s Eve as US surpasses 20 million COVID infections

The image above shows crowds packed together on one of the main drags in the Ybor City district of Tampa, Florida, on New Year’s Eve. Many are seen not wearing masks or socially distancing
New York City Sheriff’s deputies broke up an illegal party that hosted some 145 people at a loft on Prince Street in Manhattan at around 1am on Friday
A couple kisses while celebrating with a large crowd of hundreds – perhaps thousands – of partygoers on the Las Vegas Strip on New Year’s Eve

The United States surpassed 20 million coronavirus cases on New Year’s Day, but the raging pandemic didn’t stop large crowds from gathering in several big cities across the country including New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa on Thursday night.

Data released by Johns Hopkins University on Friday indicates that the US reached the grim milestone.

The US has nearly twice as many COVID-19 infections as the No. 2 country, India, and nearly one-quarter of the more than 83 million cases globally.

COVID-19 deaths have also increased in the country, now totaling more than 346,000.

Still, that didn’t stop people from pretending that all was normal.

In New York City, sheriff’s deputies broke up three illegal parties in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. 

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