WATCH: Psaki Dodges Question About Mexico’s President Blaming Biden For Causing Boom In Illegal Immigration

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dodged numerous questions on Thursday about President Joe Biden’s border crisis, including a question relating to Mexico’s president blaming Biden for the surge in illegal immigration that is taking place.

“Mexico’s president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said that people coming into the U.S. right now see Biden, President Biden, as the migrant president,” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy said. “Does the White House take that as a compliment?”“Well, first it’s Mexico will have to be, is an important partner in ensuring we’re addressing the flow of migrants from Central America through Mexico, and many to the border of the United States,” Psaki responded. “We have conveyed privately and publicly, as well, that the majority of people who come to our border will be turned away. We certainly also recognize that because the president and our administration has made a decision that the way to humanely approach immigration is to allow for unaccompanied minors to come and be treated with humanity and be in a safe place while we’re trying to get them into homes and sponsored homes that some more may have come to our border, and there have been, of course, a large flow of children across the border.”

“We recognize that, but we made a policy decision because we felt it was the humane approach,” she said. “But the facts are the vast, vast majority of people who come to our border are turned away, and the statistics bear that out.”

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