Washington State Reps Warn Governor Just Got A “Blank Check” To Force Vaccine Mandates On ALL Private Businesses

Republican representatives in Washington State warned Monday that the Department or Labor and Industries (L&I) just handed an extension of emergency powers to Democrat Governor Jay Inslee, effectively allowing him to force vaccine mandates on all private businesses.

In a statement, Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen) and Jesse Young (R-Gig Harbor) urged “This mandate from L&I demonstrates a complete lack of transparency, which dilutes public trust in our government and fails to show the agency’s good faith in promulgating the rule. The reality is this move by L&I is a blank check for the agency to enforce any of the Governor’s mandates or edicts on private employers.” 

“If L&I desires to make such a rule, it should do so in an open and transparent manner that allows public review and comment,” the reps continued, adding “Even if an opportunity for review and comment is not afforded the public, L&I’s website should host the proposed rulemaking to grant easy access to the public.”

“Furthermore, adopting such a broad, vague rule without clear direction will lead to arbitrary enforcement,” Walsh and Young further warned.

The reps also emphasised “There is no clear case for ‘good cause’ or ‘the preservation of the public health, safety, or general welfare’ as the governor’s proclamation already addresses these issues, making L&I’s mandate arbitrary and capricious.”

“We call on the governor to immediately repeal this mandate. If L&I wants to push this policy, it needs to go through the proper channels and work with the Legislature,” the statement concludes.

The warning follows a video posted by Walsh last week in which he demonstrated that he was being prevented from entering Capitol buildings in Olympia for not providing proof of vaccination: