Vaccine mandates will destroy America’s economy and lead to catastrophic product shortages

Today I was told by a contact in law enforcement that around half of US federal prison correctional officers are planning to quit in early January if the vaccine mandate is enforced. We’re also hearing similar numbers among police officers, firefighters, sheriff’s deputies and other first responders.

Employees of Proctor & Gamble — the company that manufacturers most of the toxic personal care products that ignorant people put on their skin and then wonder why they have cancer — have posted an eerie video that essentially claims they will walk away from the company en masse and bring P&G to its knees over the vaccine mandate:

Vaccine mandates, if upheld, would establish literal SLAVERY in America where someone else owns your body

In December of 2020, Joe Biden promised he would never push mask mandates or vaccine mandates. That promise didn’t last very long, and now Biden apparently believes that the government owns your body and can order you to do its bidding. If we do not have control over our own bodies, then we are government property… i.e. medical slaves with no rights whatsoever.

The right to control your own body is the most basic human right from which most other rights spring. For starters, if we do not own our own bodies, how can we responsible for the actions of our bodies? This means that if the government claims to have ownership over your body, no person can logically be charged with a violent crime, since the responsibility for the violence must rest on the owner of the body that carried it out. Put another way, if the government claims to own your body, the entire system of law and justice becomes null and void because no person can be said to be responsible for the actions carried out by a body which they do not own.

Furthermore, if the government claims to own your body, then it also claims ownership of your children. This explains why big government enthusiasts already believe that parents should have no role whatsoever in the education of their own children. Instead, they say your children “belong” to the state.

The legal answer to all this ultimately falls to the US Supreme Court. Even though Trump managed to install three justices during his term, those individuals (Kavanaugh, Barrett and Gorsuch) have so far demonstrated very little in the way of recognizing individual liberty as a guiding principle. Should SCOTUS decide that vaccine mandates are somehow constitutional, it will no doubt spark a mass uprising, widespread state-led nullification efforts and possibly a civil war.

If SCOTUS doesn’t think we own our own bodies, then SCOTUS has lost all remaining credibility and has no more useful function in a supposedly “free” society. If you don’t own your body, you can never be free. The Supreme Court, if it nullifies personal ownership of our own bodies, would also nullify its own credibility since it would be placing itself in the position of reestablishing slavery and segregation across America.

Not surprisingly, the same political party that once pushed slavery and the KKK — the Democrats — is once again pushing medical slavery and government ownership of your body.

All who value freedom must reject medical slavery and any so-called “authority” that claims ownership over your body. We reject slavery in all its forms, including medical slavery.