Vaccine FAILURE cover-up: CDC limits tracking of “breakthrough” coronavirus infections that occur in fully vaccinated people

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) decided to limit its tracking of people who contracted the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) despite vaccination. It recorded more than 9,000 breakthrough COVID-19 cases – a tiny percentage of the total number immunized. The CDC’s move drew concern from scientists who remarked that it only made investigations on the breakthrough infections more difficult.

According to the public health agency, it would only report “patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection that were hospitalized or died” effective May 14. It cited a need to “maximize the quality of the data collected” for the decision. The CDC nevertheless acknowledged that breakthrough cases are to be expected as no vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing illness.

CDC official Dr. Thomas Clark elaborated that it shifted its reporting strategy due to “few worrying patterns” in their collected data. He continued that the agency’s current data suggested a focus on more severe cases. “I don’t think we’re missing out on this data. It’s just sort of a package of how we’re looking at these questions [regarding breakthrough infections],” Clark said in an interview.

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