US CONGRESSWOMAN WARNS: “If you are a company firing your employees because they are not vaccinated, I would stop…There is no rule or law in place…Lawsuits are coming!”

Joe Biden can barely tie his own shoes without the assistance of nurse Jill, but apparently, someone told him he could unilaterally demand companies force millions of employees to take a COVID jab against their will or face termination, regardless of their role with the company.

The Observer – On Sept. 9, President Joe Biden announced a new vaccine mandate which would impact tens of millions of unvaccinated Americans. This new rule, which is being developed and enforced by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), would require employers at companies that staff more than 100 people to ensure that their employees are either fully vaccinated or getting tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. This mandate, in addition to requiring federal employees and contractors to get vaccinated, also affects private businesses.

However, despite the fact that this mandate is already facing criticism, especially by some Republican governors planning to challenge it in court, its requirements are not particularly stringent. First, the mandate does not require employees at large companies to get vaccinated, but rather offers them the option to either get vaccinated or get tested on at least a weekly basis. While this more flexible requirement may have been necessary in order to get enough approval to pass this mandate, such a built-in loophole may undermine its integrity entirely.

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