Under-45s are up to 35 TIMES more likely to die of Covid than develop a brain blood clot after AstraZeneca’s jab, figures suggest as UK regulator spots 25 more cases of rare complications

  • UK health regulator said they saw 30 cases of blood clots after AstraZeneca jab
  • 22 of the clots were cerebral venous sinus thrombosis events in people’s brains
  • The figures were a steep increase from the five cases previously acknowledged
  • However 18million Britons have had the AZ jab and regulator said it was still safe Young people are up to 35 times more likely to die of Covid than to develop the type of brain blood clot that European officials fear could be caused by AstraZeneca’s jab, figures suggest.

    German medics have seen one case of CVST – a type of rare brain blood clot that can cause strokes – in every 90,000 people to receive the vaccine, and say that is higher than expected. It is equal to a rate of 0.0012 per cent.

    The UK’s MHRA regulator last night announced it has seen 30 cases and similar clots after 18.1million doses – around one in every 600,000 people (0.00017 per cent).For comparison, Cambridge University academics tracking the Covid outbreak say the risk of dying of Covid for 25 to 44-year-olds is 0.04 per cent – around 33 times higher than even Germany’s incidence of CVST.

    CVST, or cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, is a blockage in a vein that carries blood away from the brain and it can lead to strokes or bleeding inside the skull.

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