UK Labour leader Keir Starmer’s “Anti-Semitism Advisory Board”: A rogue’s gallery of Israel stooges

Samantha Bentley writes:

Under the leadership of Keir Starmer the Labour Party has continued on its downward spiral towards centralism and being pro-Israel. Starmer has had help from the likes of the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) and the Board of Deputies Of British Jews (BoD) with the continuation of this trend. 

Last year I wrote about the anti-Semitism smear campaign against, and the purging of, leftwing members from the Labour Party. This has continued under the leadership of Starmer and he has now appointed the members of the Anti-Semitism Advisory Board. 

Margaret Hodge

I shuddered in horror when I saw some of the names on the list: Margaret Hodge, the queen of false anti-Semitism claims against Labour Party members and supporters. She put in 200 complaints of anti-Semitism against supposed Labour Party members. Former General Secretary Jennie Formby stated in an email that only 20 of those complaints applied to Labour Party members, the rest of Hodge’s complaints were about non-party members. Hodge herself was the subject of an anti-Semitism complaint by Orthodox Jewish Labour member Charedi Shraga Stern after Hodge took a photograph of Stern when he met the then Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Dan Carden Labour MP for Liverpool Walton. Hodge then tweeted the photograph to a journalist, Henry Zeffman of The Times. I have not seen anything more about this complaint but knowing what else Hodge has got away with over the years I doubt the matter went any further.

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