Trump won’t be able to use his greatest weapon during his impeachment trial

President Trump, shown, will have to defend himself during his impeachment trial without a social media presence. Image source: Kevin Dietsch – Pool via CNP/MEGA
  • The Trump impeachment trial will kick off on Tuesday, and the president will have to defend himself during it without one of his signature weapons — a social media presence.
  • Trump’s social media ban across platforms like Facebook and Twitter remains in place following the January 6 riots at the US Capitol.
  • Erroneous news reports suggested that Trump in recent days has returned to social media, with a post on the social platform beloved by the far-right called Gab.

With the Trump impeachment trial set to get underway on Tuesday, the former president’s legal team filed its first pretrial legal brief accusing the whole thing of being nothing more than “political theater” — which is reminiscent of the weapon Trump once enjoyed that he’ll have to do without during this impeachment.

Last time around — and, really, up to the aftermath of January’s riots and attack on the US Capitol complex — President Trump enjoyed a robust, multi-platform social media presence. One that allowed him to yell, rant, and lob political bombs at enemies both real and perceived across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, in addition to making the fact-free declarations that so often drove countless news cycles. This time around, he’s facing the first-ever second impeachment of a US president, one that Trump will have to undergo without the aid of a social media presence anymore. Even though there have been erroneous news reports in the past few days that President Trump is now posting on the social networking platform beloved by the far-right, called Gab.

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