The media is busy reporting that 52% of Trump voters want to secede and that “red” states should form their own nation.

What hasn’t been highlighted quite as much is that “41% of Biden voters also approved of the idea,” of separating red states and blue states.


More than half of Americans who voted for Trump are in favor of ‘red’ states seceding from the union, according to a recent poll which found nearly half of Biden voters feel the same way. Is the nation en route to Civil War 2.0?

Some 52% of Trump voters surveyed by the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia believe the country would be better off if Republican-voting (‘red’) states seceded from the union to form their own nation, according to a poll published on Friday. A quarter of such voters strongly agreed with that sentiment.

It was not only Trump voters who thought it was time for the United States to disunite. Some 41% of Biden voters also approved of the idea, though a smaller percentage – 18% – felt strongly about it.


American politicians, from both sides of the aisle simply do not have the chops to actually work towards that goal, or even put in a formal proposal, but more and more citizens are discussing it and the numbers in favor of the split continue to rise.

Just think, “red” states produce more food collectively, don’t kill their babies by the hundreds of thousands, and are far more armed to protect and defend against any offensive actions.


For all the howling that Trump would be a “dictator,” it seems as if other countries, and half of America, see Biden as the true destroyer of America, from unemployment to our reputation for abandoning Americans and Afghan allies, while getting 13 marines killed, to the out-of-control boarder crisis, and much more, Joe Biden is fast-tracking America straight into oblivion.