Transgender Child Commits Suicide, Feuding Parents Hold One Funeral for the Boy and Another for the Girl

A teen in Western Australia’s capital has been given two funerals.


The 15-year-old female — who identified as a boy — died tragically by suicide.


The child’s mother and father are estranged.

Given the terrible situation, they had to decide: Would she be interred as female? Or would the identity of a boy be reflected by the burial?

Mom and dad couldn’t come to a consensus.

The mother insisted her child — born a girl — find a final resting place as a guy.

In fact, as reported by 7News, she vowed to employ the full power of the court system if necessary:

The boy’s mum said she was prepared to take the issue about his name all the way to the Supreme Court, adding her son “would hate” to have the wrong name on his memorial.


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