Top reasons why healthcare professionals refuse to speak up about covid vaccine injury and death

A growing number of healthcare professionals are speaking up about the damage wrought by Dr. Fauci’s remdesivir, ventilator and vaccine mandate across U.S. hospital systems. More healthcare professionals are starting to speak up about covid vaccine injuries and the rise of severe disease in the “fully vaccinated.” But if the mandated protocols and experimental vaccines were really dangerous, then why wouldn’t everyone in the medical field speak out and demand change?

Doctors and nurses are oftentimes hesitant to speak out because they work in a culture of intimidation and abuse. Many doctors and nurses have been threatened for almost two years now to comply with pandemic protocols that prioritize terror and pandemonium over faith and humanity. Many have faced persecution for their beliefs. Their careers are constantly threatened if they do not give their body over to this experiment. Because of this perpetual intimidation, many healthcare professionals put their heads down and do their jobs, refusing to confront humanitarian issues and widespread medical malpractice. Many just want to provide for their family instead of making waves with the status quo. They fear being socially ostracized because they have seen other critical thinkers be fired, smeared and censored.

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