TICKING TIME BOMBS: The “fully vaccinated” will experience enhanced disease when re-exposed to new coronavirus variants – study

Just because a pharmaceutical company labels something a “vaccination” does not mean the product will give people immunity for life and save them from certain death. The label of “vaccination” is not synonymous with immunization, especially when the “vaccine” is a new controversial technology for a virus serotype prone to rapid mutation and immunity escape.

Japanese researchers have published a new study on how the “fully vaccinated” will likely experience enhanced disease when re-exposed to wild-type coronavirus variants such as Delta. The study shows that the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 “is poised to acquire complete resistance” to the existing vaccine supply and will put the vaccinated at increased risk of severe illness.

The scientific phenomenon, known as antibody dependent enhancement, was first witnessed in animal trials for failed vaccines targeting SARS. After being injected with the mRNA technology, all animals died upon re-infection with wild-type virus. Because these new mRNA covid-19 vaccines were rushed through the FDA’s approval process, animal studies were skipped. That’s why many skeptics feel like we are the animal studies.

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