Things Keep Getting EVEN WORSE in Texas: Frigid Temps, Blackouts, and an “Overwhelmed” Water System

by Robert Wheeler

It’s not the end of the world. Not yet.


But, take a look at what is happening in Texas. Some would say that is a preview of what’s to come for the United States if we don’t do something major to reverse it. Austerity and scarcity, much of it created by poor maintenance of the infrastructure and more under the guise of saving us from “climate change”, is coming to America.

Fresh on the heels of intentional, planned blackouts in Nebraska and Texas, due to frigid temperatures and a power grid that couldn’t handle demand, Texas is now facing yet another crisis – “overwhelmed” water systems.

It’s important to keep in mind that the current weather conditions are very unusual for Texas. Many homes there aren’t built to withstand temperatures that freeze water pipes or with secondary heating systems that aren’t connected to the grid. The municipal infrastructures were also unprepared for weather of this magnitude.

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