They work in a culture of intimidation and abuse

Speaking out means risking one’s job, medical license, nursing license, reputation, future. Deborah Conrad, a physician’s assistant in New York, can attest to this. When she started speaking out about patient complaints, vaccine side effects and rampant medical malpractice to hospital administrators, she was met with rebuke. When she filled out a report with the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System on behalf of a vaccine injured patient, the hospital administrators scolded her for spreading “vaccine hesitancy.” She is obligated by law to file the report, yet her administrators wanted her to conceal this information from the reporting system. She has filed 130 reports with VAERS in 2021, and said she could have filed about 175 reports. Despite her concerns, her superiors refuse to answer any of her questions or listen. Deborah Conrad was just told to follow orders. All hospitals should have a system in place for healthcare professionals of all ranks to report medical malpractice, coercion and medical error. A system of accountability and transparency should be honored and protected.

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