They are deceived by their own cognitive dissonance

Even though there are now 10,000 different types of adverse events recorded in the VAERS system, encompassing hundreds of thousands of individual injuries and tens of thousands of deaths, many healthcare professionals are trained to believe that vaccine injuries are rare. This cognitive dissonance causes many healthcare professionals to ignore the adverse events that are happening right in front of them. They deny the reality of these issues and shallowly conclude that the issues must be due to something else, like “coincidence” or “bad luck.”

They are controlled by false beliefs

Healthcare professionals are inundated with vaccine industry propaganda and are taught they cannot treat a covid-19 infection and should resort to authoritarian isolation protocol instead. Even when the fear-based protocols cause the death, the cause can always be deceptively attributed to the infection. Because healthcare systems are dominated by pharmaceutical coercion, healthcare workers aren’t provided with proper anti-viral, bronco-dilating, oxygenating medicines, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that support the immune system of their patients.

Without the proper tools and education, they believe that there is no viable treatment plan for covid-19 and that vaccines are the only way to prevent the infection. Controlled by this false belief, they believe that any side effects from the vaccine are mild and treatable but a covid infection is not treatable and is life threatening. This doesn’t have to be the case, but healthcare workers are constantly pressured to conform and obey, instead of speaking out and doing what’s right for humanity.

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