“There will be war” if China and US do not immediately stabilize relations, warns Chinese scholar

by: Arsenio Toledo

(Natural News) A scholar of international relations in Beijing warned that if the relationship between China and the United States is not immediately stabilized, “there will be war.”

“It cannot be taken for granted and fantasized that conflict will never erupt between [the U.S. and China],” said Shi Yinhong a professor at the Renmin University of China’s Institute of International Relations. He made these remarks during a speech at Renmin’s National Institute of Development and Strategy, where he argued that the formerly stable relationship between the U.S. and China can never be recovered.

“The stability of the past three years between the two countries is gone, and without new stability, there will be war,” insisted Shi. “So, there must be new strategic stability which will be achieved by being practical, sufficiently focused and through specific and important proposals, dialogues or negotiations.”

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