The sheep are once again getting raped in the dark by their media-pharma-government shepherds

The virus would have been long gone, by the way, had the government and Big Pharma not insisted upon injecting everyone with mystery chemicals from “Operation Warp Speed.”

This whole fake plandemic would have been a distant memory already had people just ignored the media-pharma-government propaganda machine and instead relied on their own sensibilities (assuming anyone still has these) instead.

So-called “herd” immunity should have already been achieved based on what the unholy media-pharma-government trifecta was telling everybody last year when the jabs were first being developed under the leadership of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump.

The world was promised that the whole thing would just “disappear” once the injections were released at warp speed. Instead, the opposite happened, and now there is a plandemic of the “fully vaccinated” that is causing people to get sick and die.

Vermont, the most vaccinated state in the country, is likewise seeing a massive surge in hospitalizations due to the jabs.

As of this writing, Vermont is now seeing more new cases of Chinese Germs week by week than it ever saw during the “peak” of the plandemic last year before the jabs were officially introduced.

“The vaccine is not safe or effective. Wake up, idiots,” wrote one commenter at Citizen Free Press. “Sure, you were lied to … we all were. But the lie was never believable. So the blame is ON YOU for you being sheep.”

“There is NO WAY you can claim a vaccine is ‘safe’ when you have ZERO medium OR long term data. ZERO. That alone should have been enough to stop this madness,” the same commenter added.

Another responded that the sheep should not be blamed because “they always get raped in the dark by their shepherds.”

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