The Real Reason Govt Allowed Bitcoin

QUESTION: Hello. I know financial gurus are like noses; but I would like to share something I heard. I heard its’ possible the money in our accounts could be exchanged for – lack of better term – Pelosi dollars. The value of these credits could be changed at will. Buying bitcoin will stop this and put our money out of their reach. I believe they can always get our money. Please explain how bitcoin is vulnerable.
Thank you.

ANSWER: Look, any cryptocurrency can be seized and outlawed at any moment. They can seize all places that store precious metals for clients. Herbert Hoover admitted in his “Memoirs” that the entire investigation that led to the creation of the SEC was on the back of a phone call where he was told it was a conspiracy against his administration to create the stock market crash. When he realized that there was no such plot, he apologized in his “Memoirs” writing: