The man with the magic penis: Denmark’s national broadcaster launches CHILDREN’s cartoon about a man with the ‘world’s longest manhood’ who uses it to steal ice-cream, fly like a helicopter and light a BBQ


  • ‘John Dillermand’  literally translates to ‘John Penis Man’ in Danish slang
  • Animation made its debut on children’s channel DR Ramasjang on January 2
  • Sparked debate over what’s appropriate for kids aged 4-8 – the target audience

A bizarre new children’s cartoon has launched in Denmark which tells the story of a chap with the ‘world’s largest penis’.

John Dillermand – which literally translates to ‘penis man’ in Danish slang – follows the adventures of its eponymous character who performs impressive feats with his member.

From rescue missions and taming lines to flying like a helicopter, lighting barbecues and stealing ice-cream from unsuspecting kids, there is indeed ‘almost nothing he can’t do with it’, as is explained in the show’s theme song.At one point, in a scene reminiscent of the film Up, he finds himself floating in the air over the town thanks to a set of colourful balloons tied to his tackle. 

The animation made its debut on children’s channel DR Ramasjang on January 2, but perhaps unsurprisingly received mixed reviews from viewers.

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