The Laptop that Just Won’t Go Away

You know that one annoying cousin? He comes for an overnight stay but he’s still there three weeks later? That’s kind of how it is with this Hunter Biden laptop story. The Left has tried to hide it, the media has refused to share it, and Big Tech has caused troubles for those who thought it was real. And yet, miraculously, it just won’t go away. 

Of course, we know the story was real. Er, it is real. And the repair shop owner (now ex-owner) is suing Twitter for defamation because of the role they played in destroying his reputation. 

The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in the Southern District of Florida (as per the Washington Examiner). John Paul Mac Isaac owned the Delaware computer repair shop until he was forced to close it last year. He says he was forced to shut down (at least in part), due to Twitter’s accusation that the contents of Hunter’s laptop were hacked materials. 

Mac Isaac has denied the computer was hacked and is claiming the mischaracterization (i.e. lies about him) were enough to damage his reputation. 

I can’t even imagine being that guy whose whole business had to shut down simply because he took on a “famous” (er, infamous) customer who happened to have shocking evidence on his laptop. That would be like blaming the guy at the car repair shop for something found in a customer’s glovebox.

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