The ID Proof of Vaccination Mark of The Beast – Could It Be?

Have you recognized the strangeness around this Covid-19 vaccine? NOT only is there a “MARK” THAT WILL BE PLACED ON THE RECIPIENTS BODIES at the same time (with the microneedle delivery via the Quantum Dot Tattoo which can be scanned), but there will be a worldwide connect to a Biometric Identification Data Base as the goal! NEVER BEFORE has such a serious concerted GLOBAL aim been sought after. How could this NOT be the infamous “FORCED” Mark of the Beast — Rev. 13:16-18?

cashless society to a 100% trackable and fully-controlled digital system, will further enable the Beast to block all financial transactions from those who don’t have his mark – Rev. 13:16-18. BTW, the Mark of the Beast is the Mark of the Antichrist (who is the Beast). So who is behind the Quantum Dot Tattoo, that is, whose “mark” is the Quantum Dot Tattoo? Get the answer here:

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