The Human Will Come To A Beautiful Era In The Next 3-5 Years

Bright future after Disaster

Mr. Miles Guo said in his live broadcast on Oct. 17, the vaccine consequences are too serious and much bigger than the war. However after the vaccine disaster and the elimination of the Communist Party, two major forces in the world will be born, the New China will become the most innovative country and the United States will always be the powerful country.

First, electricity is the trouble of human beings, with the development of electric cars, nuclear power, the future of green energy, safe energy, portable nuclear power devices will completely eliminate coal and oil electricity, more importantly, green energy will be popularly applied, where there is natural light, there is electricity, soon the United States will have great progress in this area, the United States will lead the world in green energy.

Second, the United States is developing and biotechnology stem cells. Stem cell transplantation, which could not be started due to moral problems, and vaccine disaster have brought the reason for human application, and stem cell biotechnology will completely reverse the way of human existence, and the United States is ahead again in this regard.

Third, the U.S. is again ahead of the Internet and space technology, these three aspects determine the U.S. continue to influence the humanity. After the Communist Party is gone, as long as not warlord division, under a civilized society with the rule of law, and a thousand-year peace agreement with the West, the New Federal State of China could become the most influential and innovative country after the Great Tribulation. A two-legged world, with two legs to keep you safe, the United States and the New Federal State of China will be the two legs of the world, describing it as the future of true humanity.

Now must be the era of Crypto currency and the Internet, we will see clean electrical energy aircraft and ships. Driverless cars must be popular. Stem cell transplantation will definitely treat the disease of liver and kidney… as long as we live through these three to five years, we can usher in a better era.

What can convince people is faith, the understanding of religion, I will not create any religion, but there will be a new faith, no need for an agent, no one riding on your head to make you pay. We have to create a new faith to face the things like fear, death, worry, health, and with faith will see through life and death and will know where you are going in the future.

No matter how pessimistic and unfortunate things you see, you are just looking at human beings from our perspective. If you stand at multiple latitudes, you will be grateful for all the things you have experienced, and these experiences will have a mission. We feel sad and painful for human beings at this latitude, so we must fight.

When new latitudes are unlocked, like quantum computers, biotechnology, space technology, will open up the human vision and mind, the future is like this, all human changes in the next three to five years, we are very lucky to participate in the forefront, life is very meaningful, that is why human civilization are born of disaster, born in the blood. At this time, human is paying a huge price to coronavirus, vaccine disaster, and evil forces, and finally will usher in a new civilization.

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