The exploitation of children continues with genetic experiments that will harm them for life

Many communities across the United States have abused children for over a year, instilling a spirit of fear in their minds and casting terror and division in their hearts. So many schoolchildren have been taught that subjugation and abuse is necessary for the good of all, that subservience to harmful government decrees is an act of goodwill.

After spending nearly two years depriving children of oxygen, movement, social development, sport competition, body autonomy rights, human interaction, language development and learning opportunities, there still isn’t any significant data to prove that children are any more at risk to covid-19 than they would be to any other infectious disease! The diabolical mask mandates, contact tracing, isolation and prison-like distancing was a charade of safety that sets parents and children up to accept further propaganda and medical experimentation inside their bodies.

Now these same children are being lined up to take part in a needless, heart damaging genetic experiments that have claimed thousands of adult lives and caused suffering to hundreds of thousands more. Three thousand children under the age of five have been “chosen” to take part in this destructive medical experiment. The University of Wisconsin is one of the institutions pushing the experiment into babies. “We started about a week and a half ago bringing the families in, evaluating the children, and then giving them the first injection,” said Dr. William Hartman of UW Health. The university was praised by the corporate media.

Dr. Steve Plimpton, the lead investigator for the Moderna study, said that kids are considered “vectors” and should be inoculated (even though vaccinated people have proven to be carriers and unvaccinated people have been found to have durable immunity.)

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