The Biggest and First Lie: Divine Right: Rulers speak for the gods.


Rule by Divine Right is the oldest of the frauds perpetrated by self-declared rulers upon those they wish to rule. It is a simple system; merely claim there is an invisible power in the sky that has appointed yourself as his or her agent on Earth and promptly torture and burn at the stake anyone who demands to see the paperwork on such an absurd deal.

The most potent form of the scam, exploited by the Pharaohs to get the masses to build pyramids, was a promise of life after death, pleasant if one did as one was told, and quite unpleasant for anyone with a more independent spirit.

Once the dominant mode of rulership in primitive societies, this form of governance remains in a vestigial state in the many commercialized religions around the world that extract obedience and wealth from the masses based on some imaginary playmate in the sky.