The Bible Calls Them High Places

In the past, we’ve written about the mystifying “crop circle” phenomenon. By now, everyone is probably familiar with the strange occurrence of designs woven through standing grain crops in farmers’ fields the world over. Usually, they are simple circles of swirled plants. Sometimes, however, they assume amazingly complex geometric or pictorial patterns. The most complex of them seem to appear in southern England’s Wiltshire Country. 

They are sworn to be real and authentic, laid down in a few minutes by supernatural, invisible forces. Sometimes, witnesses have seen (and even photographed) strange flying lights in fields where crop circles appeared at the light of the next dawn. Certainly, hoaxers have concocted some of these patterns. Years ago, the infamous “Dave and Doug” claimed to have made practically all the British crop circles with ropes, boards and sights attached to their baseball caps— working overnight! Yet some of the circles range from three to six hundred feet in diameter, in open terrain beside high-traffic roads. Typically, no one sees them under construction. 

The debate over the supernatural versus natural explanation continues to rumble along, as it does in virtually every mysterious phenomenon of this world. But from the biblical point of view, there is a good reason to examine the supernatural veracity of the phenomenon. Both now and in recorded history, they are places where the dark world of demonic power opens from time to time. The Bible marks them as places of dark and occultic worship. It even has a name for them. 

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