The American people hate freedom, hate being able to feed our families, and everybody loves Biden and wants the vaccines

Will there be a trial? I mean like in Nuremberg after ww2. Because this is mass murder on an unheard of scale. One must wonder will the media talking heads, Fauci, Bill Gates, and Phizer executives ever be held accountable for intentionally leading millions of gullible Americans to their deaths by poisen injection? Will any of these monsters who are killing humanity be punished?

Fauci has already received millions in prize money and support. The globalist media worships and idolizes these mass murderers. After Como murdered tens of thousands of old people in New York retirement homes the globalists rewarded him by having their puppet Biden put Cuomo In charge of leading COVID conference calls. Chances are after half of humanity has died slow agonizing deaths by injection the monsters who perpetrated this crime against humanity will be lauded by the globalist media as heroes and they will be given mountains of money and will live as gods to trample over the graves of our children.

Go Biden and go Democrat liberals! You are really doing such a good job at repressing the American people, lying, and killing the children. Oh yes, everybody loves Biden. Everybody loves paying twenty times more for insulin, twice as much for food, twice as much and gasoline, everybody loves that Biden removed Talon the law enforcement agency that stopped 96% of kidnapping and child sex slavery. Everybody loves that Biden released MS13 gang members into the US population to rape and murder.

Oh yes we love the Democrats. We love the removal of our constitutional rights our freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and our right to bear arms. And the American people are really glad that the liberal democrats are defunding our police and removing them while at the same time taking our guns away, leaving the American people defenseless against criminals, because black criminal lives matter more.

We like all the Soros backed, democrat appointed district attorneys across the country releasing violent criminals as fast as they are arrested to go right back out and rob rape and kill. The American people hate freedom of speech, hate being able to feed our families, and everybody loves and wants the vaccines and everybody loves Biden. Biden is like George Washington the father of our country and lhas never told a lie. Biden won the election by the largest majority in history. CNN, MSNBC, FOX news, all agree Biden won in spite of Trump rigging the election.

Now our great democrat party and 35 patriotic republicans have created a commission to prosecute those one million Trump traitors who committed bloody violent insurrection, and attempted the overthrow of our democracy. And the commission will finally arrest and imprison that traitor Trump and make sure that never again does any republican or any one ever become president unless they are selected and installed by the democrats.

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