Ted Pharmacy in northern Virginia gave 112 children the extremely potent ADULT version of the Covid gene therapy jab

Federal and state officials have banned the pharmacy in question from the state’s vaccination program and repossessed all clot shots from the location. Pharmacy staffers who injected over 100 children with the wrong vaccine claimed it was an accident, but that excuse fell apart when parents later verified that they ALREADY questioned the staff just before they stabbed it into their children to make sure it was the right one. The vaccines have different color caps for this reason alone. The adult versions have a distinctive purple cap color-coding, whereas the highly diluted children’s version comes with an orange cap.

Reporters spoke with other parents, and one mother says she noticed the staff member was about to give her daughter the wrong one, so she spoke up, yet still the pharmacist jabbed her with the wrong one. This is why these parents suspect foul play and insidious motives. Another pharmacist told a mother who questioned the color-coding adult cap that it basically doesn’t matter which color the cap is, and that it’s “okay” to use either.

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