Now organ transplants are being cancelled because the DONOR isn’t vaccinated… all organs must be pre-“spiked” with spike protein toxic nanoparticles

An Ohio man is being denied a lifesaving transplant surgery because his organ donor refuses to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Just five days before he was scheduled to receive a much-needed new kidney, Mike Ganim’s wife Debi was told that the surgery would no longer happen. As of October 8, the Cleveland Clinic implemented a new policy that requires both living donors and their organ recipients to get injected with an “Operation Warp Speed” needle in order to qualify.

In Mike’s case, he is “fully vaccinated” and in compliance. But his organ donor is not, so now Mike must wait for another donor to come up which may not happen, leaving him for dead.

“It made us feel like we were back to square one,” Debi told the local media. “I’ve been terrified. Sometimes I have my moments that I don’t think about it, but it comes back, and I think, ‘What’s going to happen?’”

It was nearly two years ago when Mike first learned that his polycystic kidney disease had become so advanced that he would need a new one. There is no longer anything else that can be done for his failing kidney.

“It’s transplant time,” Debi recalls Mike’s doctors telling the couple. “No dialysis. We need a transplant, and we need it as soon as possible.”

The situation seemed hopeless until a doctor recommended that Mike make his story public. Debi helped him do that, posting on Facebook about how her husband desperately needed a new kidney.

Debi’s post received more than 100 shares and dozens of messages of support. Friends, relatives and even total strangers offered to take blood tests to see if they might be a match.

Several weeks after that, Debi received a message stating, “I am your match,” to which Debi and Mike jumped for joy.

In order to “save lives,” the Branch Covidians are ending other people’s lives with fascist policies

The individual in question was a longtime acquaintance of the Ganims by the name of Sue George. Sue’s daughter is a former third grade student of Debi’s from about 13 years ago, and Sue had kept in touch with Debi over the years.

“I am your stranger!” Sue told Debi with a laugh. “But I just didn’t want to tell you, because I didn’t want to disappoint you, but I’m trying. I’m trying.”

Everything was good to go and the surgery was scheduled for October 13, but then the bad news came from the Cleveland Clinic, which decided to adopt fake “president” Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate policy.

“We were blindsided,” Sue says, reiterating that she was told her unvaccinated status would not be a problem. “I don’t want to get the vaccine. I’ve got reasons – medical, religious, and also freedom.”

The Ganims and Sue are trying to figure out a new possible way for her to still donate her healthy kidney to Mike, perhaps by getting portions of the surgery done elsewhere.

“It’s just wrong in so many ways,” Debi laments. “All because of a policy that was just decided.”

As we recently reported, UCHealth in Colorado has taken a similar stance, and is refusing to provide any further transplant services to anyone who has not taken one of Donald Trump’s rushed-to-market covid shots.

“I told everyone I know that there would be a death penalty for remaining unvaccinated,” wrote one Natural News commenter about the direction things are moving in this country.

“Here we are. Denying unemployment compensation for an unvaccinated is a slower, low-carb version of the death penalty. Soon the penalty will come via the gun or lethal injection.”

Tony Fauci’s covid fascism is destroying lives. To keep up with the latest, visit

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Pathologists Tell You Through Autopsies About What Happens in the Body After Vaccination?

The Mount Royal Montreal Group 夏星湖

Imagine source:

Recently, Peter Schirrmacher, chief pathologist in Germany and director of the Institute of Pathology at the University of Heidelberg, performed more than forty autopsies on people who died within two weeks of receiving the new coronavirus vaccine. He was shocked to find that 30 to 40 percent of these deaths were directly related to the vaccination. The side effects included rare cerebral venous thrombosis and autoimmune disease. Not coincidentally, Dr. Ryan Cole, an American anatomical pathologist, was one of the first pathologists to come forward and explain what happened to the pathological sections of people who were vaccinated. Pathologists specialize in analyzing tissue sections of patients and giving the results to the doctors in front of them, and are known as “doctors’ doctors”.

Dr. Ryan Cole, who heads a medical laboratory in Garden City, made headlines on July 27 when he spoke at a white coat summit organized by American Frontline Doctors (AFD), calling the new coronavirus vaccine a “clot injection” and “needle rape”. On September 3, he was officially appointed to the Central Idaho District Health Council (CDH).

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JAB AND DIE: Public Health Scotland data reveals 80 percent of Covid deaths happen to VACCINATED individuals

A recent report by Public Health Scotland (PHS) finds that 80 percent of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) fatalities occur in vaccinated individuals. The Sept. 8 report reveals that people partly and fully vaccinated still catch COVID-19 cases even though they are no longer tested for the virus. Critics claim PHS cleverly presents its data to conceal the reality that more COVID-19 cases come from those who get the shot.

The Sept. 8 report breaks down the number of COVID-19 fatalities based on age and vaccination status. However, PHS does not present coronavirus deaths on a weekly basis and instead includes fatalities from Dec. 29, 2020. This gives the impressions that vaccines work in preventing COVID-19 deaths and that most fatalities occur in the vaccinated.

However, comparing the Sept. 8 report and an earlier report by PHS from Aug. 18 paints a different picture. The Aug. 18 report shows that 3,077 unvaccinated individuals, 273 who have received at least one shot and 206 fully vaccinated individuals have died of COVID-19 from Dec. 29, 2020 to Aug. 5, 2021.

Meanwhile, the Sept. 8 report also starts counting from Dec. 29 until Aug. 26, 2020. It shows that 3,102 unvaccinated individuals, 279 partially vaccinated individuals and 298 fully vaccinated individuals who die of COVID-19. At first glance, the figures show that injecting the COVID-19 vaccine reduces the risk of death.

But subtracting the Sept. 8 report’s figures from those of its Aug. 18 counterpart reveal that more deaths have occurred in the fully vaccinated. Between Aug. 5 and Aug. 26 – 25 unvaccinated individualssix partly vaccinated individuals and 92 fully vaccinated individuals die as a result of COVID-19. Putting it into perspective, about 80 percent of people who get the shot die of COVID-19 compared to only 20 percent of those who do not.

Another PHS report from Sept. 1 tracks statistics from Dec. 29 up to Aug. 19. It shows that 3,096 unvaccinated individuals, 277 partly vaccinated individuals and 264 fully vaccinated individuals have passed away from COVID-19. Subtracting these numbers from the ones in the Sept. 8 reveals the same result – that more vaccinated people comprise the disease’s fatalities. Between Aug. 19 and Aug. 26, a total of 36 people who get the shot die of COVID-19 compared to only six unvaccinated people.

Vaccines are driving the recent waves of COVID-19 infections

Based on the PHS reports, the COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective in preventing infection or transmission. The figures also clearly show that the shots actually increase the risk of people being hospitalized or dying – contrary to what health authorities claim.

In the U.S., data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show a higher number of daily COVID-19 deaths following the development of a vaccineNational File has examined CDC data from the first 10 days of September 2020 and September 2021. The two periods correspond to the second wave of COVID-19 before vaccines and fourth wave of COVID-19, with mass vaccination occurring in the latter.

From Sept. 1 to Sept. 10, 2020, daily COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. do not go beyond 960. However, data from Sept. 1 to Sept. 10, 2021 show that daily COVID-19 deaths reach as high as 1,860. Based on these findings, the COVID-19 vaccine causes an almost two-fold increase to the risk of dying from the disease it aims to address. (Related: CDC: Fourth wave of COVID – despite vaccines – worse than second wave.)

However, doctors in different countries more effectively describe the vaccines’ failure and uptick in COVID-19 cases. One doctor in Israel, a country using the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine on its population, shares the situation on the ground.

Dr. Kobi Haviv, the director of Herzog Hospital in Israel’s capital of Jerusalem, mentions that vaccinated Israelis comprise a huge majority of the COVID-19 patients being treated in the country. He tells Channel 13 News: “I understand that most of the patients are vaccinated, even ‘severe’ patients. We are opening more and more [COVID-19] wards.”

Haviv adds that vaccinated patients comprise 95 percent of the severe cases in hospitals. According to the physician, the breakthrough infections mean the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine is waning – which sets up a possible scenario for booster shots to become necessary. (Related: 95% of severe patients in Israeli hospitals are vaccinated, warns doctor.)

Findings by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) appear to back up Haviv’s claims of the COVID-19 vaccine’s dwindling effectiveness. The ministry’s July 2021 report states that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine’s effectiveness drops to 39 percent against the more infectious B16172 delta variant. It bases its findings on COVID-19 cases recorded from June 20 to July 17, during the delta variant’s spread throughout Israel.

In spite of the vaccine’s diminished protection, the MOH still insists that it is still 91 percent effective in preventing serious illness among individuals who receive two shots. But Haviv’s remarks tell a different story – with fully vaccinated people comprising almost all of the patients in Israeli medical facilities. “Eighty-five to 90 percent of hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people,” he says. has more articles about how the COVID-19 vaccine increases the risk of dying from a bout of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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The public health response must evolve past faulty and dangerous vaccination programs

Worse yet, there’s now evidence that rates of SARS-CoV-2 transmission and vaccination drive the rapid evolution of vaccine-resistant strains. It’s only a matter of time before the public must accept that full exposure to these mutations is necessary in order to evolve the human immune response past the failure of this vaccine science. The public health response of the past almost two years has kept people locked down in anticipation of a savior vaccine program. As this program fails, the public health response must change, focusing instead on reducing inflammation in human cells, correcting underlying health issues, and enhancing the innate human immune response.

Previous exposure and naturally-acquired immunity to SARS-CoV-2 has already been shown to confer longer lasting immunity to these new variants.  Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine provided evidence that previous exposure and recovery from SARS-CoV-2 infection imparts lifelong immunity, even when the infection is mild.

Hospitals and insurers are not in any position to see these changes through, so expect more malpractice, more attacks against the “unvaccinated” and more coding of vaccinated deaths as unvaccinated deaths. Booster shots are already being recommended, and Pfizer is gearing up to release yearly booster programs as they pressure unending mutations into existence. The current vax-all public health guidance is exacerbating severe disease and increasing hospitalization and death. This thing it nowhere never over now.

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TICKING TIME BOMBS: The “fully vaccinated” will experience enhanced disease when re-exposed to new coronavirus variants – study

Just because a pharmaceutical company labels something a “vaccination” does not mean the product will give people immunity for life and save them from certain death. The label of “vaccination” is not synonymous with immunization, especially when the “vaccine” is a new controversial technology for a virus serotype prone to rapid mutation and immunity escape.

Japanese researchers have published a new study on how the “fully vaccinated” will likely experience enhanced disease when re-exposed to wild-type coronavirus variants such as Delta. The study shows that the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 “is poised to acquire complete resistance” to the existing vaccine supply and will put the vaccinated at increased risk of severe illness.

The scientific phenomenon, known as antibody dependent enhancement, was first witnessed in animal trials for failed vaccines targeting SARS. After being injected with the mRNA technology, all animals died upon re-infection with wild-type virus. Because these new mRNA covid-19 vaccines were rushed through the FDA’s approval process, animal studies were skipped. That’s why many skeptics feel like we are the animal studies.

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READ: Case study links Covid-19 vaccines to acute Central Nervous System Demyelination and Multiple Sclerosis

A new study of a series of cases in the Journal of Neurology examines possible links between Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and acute Central Nervous System (CNS) demyelination, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Demyelinating diseases damage the protective covering surrounding nerve fibers in the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord, causing neurological problems.

In the study, four patients had the Pfizer vaccine and three had the Moderna vaccine. Within 21 days of the first or second dose, the patients developed active CNS demyelination of the optic nerve, brain, and/or spinal cord leading to “visual loss, dysmetria, gait instability, paresthesias, sphincter disturbance, and limb weakness.”

Age ranged from 24 to 64 years old. Four patients were ultimately diagnoses with exacerbation of their stable MS.

Two were diagnosed with new cases of MS.

One was diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica.

An examination of Covid-19 adverse events reports shows hundreds of thousands of reports of illnesses and symptoms suffered by some people who are ultimately diagnosed with CNS demyelination or Multiple Sclerosis.

Public health officials say the benefits of the vaccines used in the U.S. outweigh the risks. The case studies raise the possibility that some patients may suffer serious neurological side effects and/or an aggravation of their Multiple Sclerosis.

Read the study here.


Explosive! Public health data: 80% of COVID-19 deaths in August were vaccinated people

(Natural NewsFurther evidence proving the Covid-19 vaccination programme is a huge failure has been released which confirms throughout the whole of August 80% of the people who allegedly died of Covid-19 had been vaccinated against the disease.

(Article republished from

We’re living in strange times, and if you believe the Covid-19 vaccination programme is working because the authorities on the television tell you that it is, then you must surely find it extremely strange that the UK is in the middle of a third wave in the middle of summer? Especially when you consider that in summer 2020 Covid-19 deaths flat-lined to zero even though a Covid-19 injection was not available.

But the strangeness doesn’t end there, just take a look at the latest Covid-19 Statistical Report released by Public Health Scotland (PHS) on the 8th September 2021.

The report provides an array on data on testing, quarantining, vaccinations, cases, hospitalisations, and deaths but it doesn’t get very interesting until you read Table 15 which covers the number of Covid-19 positive cases by week and vaccination status.

Interesting because it shows that the majority of confirmed cases are now among the vaccinated population. In the most recent week from 28th August to 3rd September 2021 the report shows that there were 20,744 confirmed cases among the unvaccinated population, who are more likely to be tested for the simple reason they have not been vaccinated.

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Moderna announces 2-for-1 Vaccine for Flu and Covid…

  • Moderna’s new vaccine, which the company is calling mRNA-1073, combines its current Covid vaccine with a flu shot that’s also under development.
  • The company’s stock rose after the announcement.

Moderna shares rose Thursday after it announced it’s developing a two-in-one vaccine booster shot that protects against both Covid-19 and the seasonal flu.

The new vaccine, which the company is calling mRNA-1073, combines Moderna’s current Covid vaccine with a flu shot that’s also under development, according to a press release. Shares of Moderna jumped by more than 5% after the announcement.

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“Today we are announcing the first step in our novel respiratory vaccine program with the development of a single dose vaccine that combines a booster against COVID-19 and a booster against flu,” CEO Stephane Bancel said in a statement Thursday. “We are making progress on enrolling patients in our rare disease programs, and we are fully enrolled in our personalized cancer vaccine trial. We believe this is just the beginning of a new age of information-based medicines.”

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Preservatives prevent the vaccine from becoming contaminated once the vial has been opened, if it will be used for vaccinating more than one person. Some vaccines don’t have preservatives because they are stored in one-dose vials and are discarded after the single dose is administered. The most commonly used preservative is 2-phenoxyethanol. It has been used for many years in a number of vaccines, is used in a range of baby care products and is safe for use in vaccines, as it has little toxicity in humans.

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How are vaccines developed?

This article is part of a series of explainers on vaccine development and distribution. Learn more about vaccines – from how they work and how they’re made to ensuring safety and equitable access – in WHO’s Vaccines Explained series.

What are the ingredients in a vaccine?

Vaccines contain tiny fragments of the disease-causing organism or the blueprints for making the tiny fragments. They also contain other ingredients to keep the vaccine safe and effective. These latter ingredients are included in most vaccines and have been used for decades in billions of doses of vaccine.

Each vaccine component serves a specific purpose, and each ingredient is tested in the manufacturing process. All ingredients are tested for safety.


All vaccines contain an active component (the antigen) which generates an immune response, or the blueprint for making the active component. The antigen may be a small part of the disease-causing organism, like a protein or sugar, or it may be the whole organism in a weakened or inactive form.

Vaccines topic 2 01 Vaccine Antigens

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