“There will be war” if China and US do not immediately stabilize relations, warns Chinese scholar

by: Arsenio Toledo

(Natural News) A scholar of international relations in Beijing warned that if the relationship between China and the United States is not immediately stabilized, “there will be war.”

“It cannot be taken for granted and fantasized that conflict will never erupt between [the U.S. and China],” said Shi Yinhong a professor at the Renmin University of China’s Institute of International Relations. He made these remarks during a speech at Renmin’s National Institute of Development and Strategy, where he argued that the formerly stable relationship between the U.S. and China can never be recovered.

“The stability of the past three years between the two countries is gone, and without new stability, there will be war,” insisted Shi. “So, there must be new strategic stability which will be achieved by being practical, sufficiently focused and through specific and important proposals, dialogues or negotiations.”

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After 4 week wait, Biden calls Netanyahu, promises stronger US-Israel alliance

White House: Biden vowed to boost defense ties, stressed need for peace with Palestinians, region; PMO: They discussed building on normalization deals, Iran nuclear threat, COVID

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to US President Joe Biden on February 17, 2021. (Prime Minister’s Office)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the phone with US President Joe Biden Tuesday for the first time since the president took office four weeks ago.

Netanyahu was the first Middle Eastern leader to receive a call from Biden, but the 12th world leader overall. The long weeks of silence since Biden took office had led many to wonder whether the White House was snubbing its longtime ally, given Netanyahu’s frosty relationship with former Democratic president Barack Obama and his overwhelmingly warm ties with the more recent Donald Trump.

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Jerusalem authorities advance planning for new US embassy

Capital’s building and planning committee greenlights construction plans for massive compound on Hebron Road; still requires additional approvals before ground can be broken

View of the US consulate in Jerusalem’s Arnona neighborhood, shortly before the building became the American embassy in Israel, February 24, 2018. (Yonatan Sindel/ Flash90)

Jerusalem municipal authorities on Monday advanced planning for the new US embassy compound in the city.

The Jerusalem District Building and Planning Committee approved the project through an earlier planning stage known as deposit. Those who protest the plan will now have 60 days to file objections before the project is given final approval for construction.

Currently, the US embassy is hosted in the former consulate building in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona until a permanent complex is built.

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US court revives challenge to Arkansas law targeting the boycott Israel movement

Federal appeals court orders reconsideration of case that argues anti-BDS law violates right to free speech

Illustrative: Palestinian and left-wing Jewish groups stage a rally walking from Times Square to the United Nations Building in New York, September 15, 2011, calling to end all US aid to Israel and support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. (AP Photo/David Karp)

JTA — A US federal appeals court struck a blow to the legality of an Arkansas law that aims to penalize the boycott Israel movement.

In 2017, the state passed the law, which financially penalizes companies that do not renounce the boycott Israel movement. A federal Arkansas judge dismissed a challenge to it in 2019.

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Israel Threatens to Abandon America, Ally With China And Russia After Securing $40B In U.S. Aid

Knesset member Ayoob Kara, who is part of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, on Tuesday threatened that Israel is prepared to abandon America and ally with China and Russia if Biden “reneges on America’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and signs a nuclear deal with Iran.”

The public statement, which our media is refusing to report on, comes a little over one month after the US congress voted to pass a law mandating we send nearly $40 billion in aid to Israel over the next decade (even if, as Nancy Pelosi said, America “crumbles to the ground”).

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Anti-Muslim bigotry in the USA and UK

Samantha Bentley writes:

The world as I see it has become more intolerant, more bigoted and more racist. There is a rise in all forms of racism but two cultures/religions seem to be under attack more than others. I have already written about one in the damage done by false anti-Semitism claims and the weaponisation of the holocaust”. Muslims are the second community being subjected to more racist attacks worldwide. I will be using information I have found on sites around the internet and I will provide links within the text so readers can also look at the sites, the rest is my opinion and should be treated as such.

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US Warship “Expelled” From South China Sea By PLA Forces

The superpower clash between China and the U.S. continued on Friday as a U.S. Navy ship sailed near the Chinese-controlled Paracel Islands in the heavily disrupted South China Sea, only to get an stern rebuke (and what some would call, an appropriate response) from Beijing. 

The USS John S. McCain, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, entered the waters near Paracel islands Friday without China’s permission on a “freedom of navigation operation,” the first known operation in the heavily disputed area under the new Biden administration. 

Shortly after, CGTN reported that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) “expelled” the destroyer after it “trespassed” into China’s territorial waters. Tian Junli, a spokesperson for the PLA Southern Theater Command, said the move “seriously infringed China’s sovereignty and security.” He said PLA troops in the region are on “high alert at all times to protect the peace and stability of the region.” 

The heavily disputed waterway is one of the flashpoints in the U.S.-China relationship, including a trade war, technology war, U.S. sanctions, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

U.S. sailings of warships near the militarized islands in the South China Sea have angered Beijing in the past. 

The U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet said the destroyer USS John S. McCain “asserted navigational rights and freedoms in the vicinity of the Paracel Islands, consistent with international law”.

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US Officially Declares Myanmar Situation a ‘Coup,’ Cutting Aid to Government

Biden administration is now mulling sanctions on Myanmar’s military

The Biden Administration officially declared on Tuesday that the seizure of power in Myanmar by the country’s military was a “coup d’etat,” triggering aid cuts and a review of all foreign aid to Myanmar.

US officials said the aid restrictions only apply to Myanmar’s government. The vast majority of US aid to Myanmar, an estimated $108.65 million requested for 2021, goes to organizations inside the country, and will not be affected.

The Biden Administration is considering additional sanctions against Myanmar’s military. A State Department official said four of Myanmar’s military leaders are already under US sanctions over their role in the displacement of the Muslim Rohingya population.

In a statement on the coup, President Biden suggested that he might reimpose sanctions on Myanmar that were lifted by the Obama administration in 2016. He also hinted at further intervention and said the US and its allies in the region will “hold accountable those responsible” for the coup. Biden also demanded that Myanmar’s military “relinquish the power they have seized.”

The coup is being framed by US media outlets as the Biden administration’s first challenge against Chinese influence in the region. But for their part, Beijing has taken a neutral stance on the situation in neighboring Myanmar.

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As US Looks to Stay in Afghanistan, Taliban Warns Fight Will Continue If Troops Stay

Keeping troops in Afghanistan effectively kills peace deal

Since President Biden took office, his administration has been very hesitant on the Afghan peace deal, and is now to the point where reports say that the US is very likely to keep its troops in Afghanistan beyond May 1.

This comes just days after NATO reported that their own troops are staying in Afghanistan, and that came with calls for the US to stay for NATO. The May withdrawal of NATO and the US wasn’t some arbitrary figure, of course, and came as part of a peace deal with the Taliban.

Since the whole deal for the Taliban was getting rid of the foreign occupation, and they’re staying, the Taliban is now saying what should’ve been an obvious reaction, that if the troops don’t leave, the fight will continue.

The Taliban isn’t shocked by this development, and was putting Doha talks on hold surrounding the Biden inauguration just in case the US was no longer going through with the pullout that Trump’s Administration had nearly completed.

Keeping the war going, which is what all of this boils down to, is the predictable consequence of the US policy of the past week, which amounted to bad mouthing the peace process and scrapping the withdrawal.

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