Rockets launched from Syria amid Palestinian solidarity riots on borders

Eleven Palestinians were killed as over 5,000 people gathered to protest in the West Bank. Over 150 people were injured in the same protests.

Demonstrators hold Palestinian flags during a protest to express solidarity with the Palestinian people,in Karameh, Jordan valley, May 14th, 2021.

Three rockets were launched from Syria towards Israel on Friday evening amid a number of solidarity riots with the Palestinians amid ongoing escalations between Israel and Hamas, as well as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

One of the rockets failed to launch, falling on the Syrian side of the border. The other two rockets fell in an open space, leading to only open air sirens to be sounded. No injuries were recorded.

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Oil Tanker In Flames Off Syrian Coast After Suspected Drone Attack

The Times of Israel reports a fire broke out on an oil tanker moored off the port of Banyas, located in northwestern Syria. 

The source of the fire is unknown at the moment, but Syria’s oil ministry reports “an apparent drone attack coming from Lebanese territory” is responsible for the incident. 

The ministry didn’t provide any information about the ship’s name, but the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the vessel was Iranian. 

Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) allegedly shows the vessel with a plume of black smoke rising in front of the bridge. 

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Iranian investigator claims Israel behind attack on cargo ship in Mediterranean

Accusation comes shortly after US officials tell Wall Street Journal that Israel has hit many ships taking Iran oil and arms to Syria

A fire is seen on the Iranian Shahr E Kord cargo ship in the Mediterranean on March 10, 2021. (Screenshot: Twitter)

Israel is the likely suspect behind an attack this week in the Mediterranean that damaged an Iranian cargo ship, an Iranian investigator told local media Saturday, according to Reuters.

An unnamed member of the investigation team told the semi-official Nournews that “considering the geographical location and the way the ship was targeted, one of the strong possibilities is that this terrorist operation was carried out by the Zionist regime,” the report said.

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Beast in the Middle East! Snow blankets Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and Syria amid freezing temperatures caused by a weakened polar vortex

Snow falls in Jerusalem over the Dome of the Rock for the first time in years after a polar vortex brought freezing conditions across many Middle Eastern countries

Workers make their way through the streets of Istanbul earlier this week after parts of Turkey were blanketed in thick snow which also hit large parts of the Middle East
Snow up to six inches deep fell in mountainous regions of southern Syria near the border with Israel (pictured, the Quneitra border between the two countries
The northern Iraqi city of Sulaimaniyah is seen covered in snow last month after unseasonably cold air brought snow to parts of the Middle Eastern country

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Killings surge in Syria camp housing Islamic State families

Killings have surged inside the camp in northeast Syria housing families of Islamic State group members

The jump in violence has heightened calls for countries to repatriate their citizens languishing in the camp, home to some 62,000 people. Those repatriations have slowed dramatically because of the coronavirus epidemic, officials say. If left there, the thousands of children in the camp risk being radicalized, local and U.N. officials warn.

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Prisoner swap said snagged: 2 Golan residents refuse to leave Israel for Syria

Jerusalem is reportedly ready to deport the two security prisoners in return for release of Israeli woman held by Damascus; officials believe matter will be resolved in days

Nihal Al-Maqt, a Syrian woman held by Israel, as shown in Syrian media on February 17, 2021 (Channel 12 screenshot)

A Russian-brokered prisoner exchange between Israel and Syria is being held up by the refusal of two Syrian security prisoners in the Jewish state to be deported to Damascus, Israeli officials told Hebrew media Wednesday.

Israel is seeking the release of an Israeli woman who recently crossed the border and was arrested. The woman, who hasn’t been identified, is reportedly a 25-year-old from Modiin Illit who left the ultra-Orthodox community. It is unclear why she entered Syria.

In return for her release, Israel is expected to free incarcerated Golan Heights residents Nihal Al-Maqt and Dhiyab Qahmuz. However, the two are refusing to be sent to Syria as part of the deal, holding up the completion of the exchange, according to Hebrew media reports.

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Syria: dozens killed in weekend of violence

At least 24 people killed and scores more injured in series of attacks in rebel-held areas of country

The scene of the bombing in Azaz on Sunday. Photograph: INA Photo Agency/Rex/Shutterstock

At least 24 people have been killed and scores wounded across parts of rebel-held Syria after a weekend of violence that included several car bomb attacks.

Eleven people died and 30 more were injured in the town of Azaz, when a car bomb detonated on Sunday near a building used by Turkish-backed fighters as an administrative headquarters. Pictures from the scene showed black smoke rising from the mangled remains of the car, damaged buildings and a street covered in debris from the explosion.

Also on Sunday, another car bomb went off at a checkpoint near the town of Beza’a, killing five fighters from the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) umbrella group and injuring another four, military sources said.

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The ‘humanitarian’ left still ignores the lessons of Iraq, Libya and Syria to cheer on more war

By Jonathan Cook

The instinct among parts of the left to cheerlead the right’s war crimes, so long as they are dressed up as liberal “humanitarianism”, is alive and kicking, as Owen Jones revealed in a recent column on the plight of the Uighurs at China’s hands.

The “humanitarian war” instinct persists even after two decades of the horror shows that followed the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US and UK; the Western-sponsored butchering of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi that unleashed a new regional trade in slaves and arms; and the West’s covert backing of Islamic jihadists who proceeded to tear Syria apart.

In fact, those weren’t really separate horror shows: they were instalments of one long horror show.

The vacuum left in Iraq by the West – the execution of Saddam Hussein and the destruction of his armed forces – sucked in Islamic extremists from every corner of the Middle East. The US and UK occupations of Iraq served both as fuel to rationalise new, more nihilistic Islamic doctrines that culminated in the emergence of the Islamic State group, and as a training ground for jihadists to develop better methods of militarised resistance.

That process accelerated in post-Gaddafi Libya, where Islamic extremists were handed an even more lawless country than post-invasion Iraq in which to recruit followers and train them, and trade arms. All of that know-how and weaponry ended up flooding into Syria where the same Islamic extremists hoped to establish the seat of their new caliphate.

Many millions of Arabs across the region were either slaughtered or forced to flee their homes, becoming permanent refugees, because of the supposedly “humanitarian” impulse unleashed by George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

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Turks Fear Russian Advance On Syria’s Al-Bab

Submitted by South Front,

The Turkish Army has been increasing its military presence in Greater Idlib despite the recent withdrawal of observation posts, which had been encircled by the Syrian Army.

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Recently, the Turkish military deployed major reinforcements to Mount al-Zawiya. Turkish military convoys deployed to the area included battle tanks and BMC Kirpi armoured vehicles. Mount al-Zawiya is controlled by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham together with its supposedly ‘moderate counterparts’ from the Turkish-created National Front for Liberation. Turkey has been reinforcing its troops in the Mount al-Zawiya region for the last two months. It has also established several permanent positions in the area.

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Syria: Are water supplies being weaponized by Turkey?

Water outages in Syria’s northeast are often leaving around half a million people without potable water. Is Turkey using the outages as a weapon to destabilize the region, as some claim?

Around 1 million people are suffering from water outages in the Al-Hasakah region

Around 1 million people in the Kurdish-governed region of Al-Hasakah in Syria’s northeast have again had their water supply cut off — as they have around 20 times in the past 12 months. 

“This is a humanitarian disaster,” Sara Kayyali, a Syria researcher at Human Rights Watch, told DW. As of this Sunday, some parts of the region are experiencing the eighth straight day without water.

Problems with the supply from the nearest water station, Alouk, have been growing since Turkish forces and their Syrian rebel proxies took charge in October 2019, after the so-called Operation Peace Spring that targeted the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the region. While the water station has been under Turkish control since then, it relies on the SDF-controlled Mabrouka Electricity Station for its power. Turkey’s objective behind Operation Peace Spring was to create a 30-kilometer (19-mile) wide “safe zone” under Turkish control inside Syria.

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