USC Law School dean tells students to snitch on classmates who DRINK WATER in violation of covid restrictions

At the University of Southern California School of Law, students are not allowed to hydrate themselves because doing so, according to Dean Andrew T. Guzman, might cause someone to test “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

In a recent email sent out to faculty, staff and students, Guzman explained that students are not allowed to eat or drink indoors at any time. If a student is in need of water, he or she has to go outside, take a drink and “return to class promptly,” Guzman says.

“Everyone must wear a mask at all times while indoors except when alone in a private office,” Guzman barked. “All eating and drinking must take place outdoors.”

“The exception to this rule is limited to instructors, who may briefly hydrate while teaching but must re-mask immediately, as well as employees who are alone in a private office.”

Anyone “identified” as a repeated violator of Guzman’s decree will be “contacted individually,” he further threatened, and “may be subject to sanctions.”

“If you see a member of our community who is not compliant with these policies, you are free to politely remind them of their obligations to the health and safety of those around them,” Guzman went on to explain.

“If you are uncomfortable approaching non-compliant members of our community, you may reach out to and we will approach that individual.”

More than 91 percent of USC students and faculty are “fully vaccinated” – do the vaccines not work or something?

Guzman, a climate change fanatic, does not want any USC Law School student to stay properly hydrated while learning. He would rather they become dehydrated because this is the only way for them to stay “safe” against Chinese Germs.

Keep in mind that according to the latest updates from the school, upwards of 91 percent of all USC students and faculty have been “fully vaccinated” with Fauci Flu shots. Why, then, are they still expected to wear a mask?

Could it be that the jabs do not work? Or maybe tyrants like Guzman enjoy watching students suffer, knowing he has control over their behavior and can choose to make their daily life on campus a living hell.

USC is also feverishly testing students and faculty, having conducted 27,000 tests in just one week alone. If almost everyone is fully vaccinated and getting tested, why are they not allowed to take a sip of water in class?

There is, of course, no logical answer to any of these questions. USC has decided to punish its students with these egregious mandates, and Guzman is adding to it by trying to create a snitch culture within its law school.

At this point, it is a mystery why anyone would choose to enroll at a place like USC in the first place. Why would a person want to subject himself or herself to a prison-like environment that is more reminiscent of a concentration camp than a school?

“Where does that leave students with medical issues such as diabetes who cannot go long periods of time without eating?” asked one commenter at Citizen Free Press. “Sounds like a violation of their rights.”

“These clowns don’t care,” responded another. “They only care about trannies.”

“These tyrants are everywhere,” wrote yet another, pointing out that the Branch Covidians have taken over many prominent roles throughout society.

“They have crept into these positions of influence and power. But now they are exposing themselves. If we want to survive, we must purge these people out of these positions.”

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Harvard professor who refuses to use the term ‘pregnant people’ and insists on ‘woman’ is accused of transphobia by her woke Ivy League colleague

A Harvard professor of evolutionary biology has been slammed by her department’s diversity head for rejecting the term ‘pregnant people’ and insisting on referring to people as male or female instead. 

Carole Hooven, who has been at the university for 20 years and received multiple teaching awards, spoke of feeling ‘frustrated’ at the atmosphere in academia.

She told Fox News on Wednesday that she was dismayed at the insistence on politically correct terminology, which she felt was misguided. 

University professors were discouraged from using the words male and female, and referring to pregnant women, she said. The terms were deemed offensive to the transgender and LGBTQ community. 

‘I’ve been feeling pretty frustrated over the last five years or so. It’s been gradual,’ she said.

Carole Hooven, a Harvard professor of evolutionary biology, on Wednesday appeared on Fox News to discuss her concern about politically correct language ‘infiltrating’ her classrooms

‘This kind of ideology has been infiltrating science. It’s infiltrating my classroom, to some extent.’

Hooven said that her lessons were focused on hormones and behavior, sex and sex differences

On July 13 she published a widely acclaimed book, ‘T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone That Dominates and Divides Us’. 

She continued: ‘Part of that science is teaching the facts. 

‘And the facts are that there are in fact two sexes – there are male and female – and those sexes are designated by the kind of gametes we produce.

‘Do we make eggs, big sex cells, or little sex cells, sperm. And that’s how we know whether someone is male or female.

‘And the ideology seems to be that biology really isn’t as important as how somebody feels about themselves, or feels their sex to be.’

Earlier this week reporter Katie Herzog, writing for Bari Weiss’ Substack newsletter, spoke with one student at a med school in the University of California system who says instructors are too scared to acknowledge the existence of two different sexes because it ‘can be considered transphobic.’ 

The student, identified only as Lauren, told Herzog: ‘I think there’s a small percentage of instructors who are true believers [in woke ideology], but most of them are probably just scared of their students.’  

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Professor Cornel West dramatically resigns from Harvard after being denied tenure and says the ‘shadow of Jim Crow’ in the form of ‘superficial diversity’ persists at the Ivy League school

The famous public intellectual Cornel West has dramatically quit his job at Harvard University following a tenure dispute, accusing the esteemed school of ‘spiritual rot’ and ‘superficial diversity.’

In a resignation letter he shared publicly on Monday night, 68-year-old West slammed Harvard’s administration and revealed a litany of personal and professional complaints.

‘How sad it is to see our beloved Harvard Divinity School in such decline and decay,’ he wrote in the letter. ‘The disarray of a scattered curriculum, the disenchantment of talented yet deferential faculty, and the disorientation of precious students loom large.

Harvard University did not immediately respond to an inquiry from on Tuesday afternoon.

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“VerifyStudents” Provides Digital Platform for “ImmuniTrax” Vaccine Passports

By John Klyczek

In this video, I examine the “ImmuniTrax” digital vaccine passport that is linked to the “VerifyStudents” platform provided by a company called Corporate Screening, which partners with Platinum Educational Group’s “competency-tracking” services through “computer adaptive testing.”

Digging deeper, I document the potential for these digital “compliance” trackers to be hooked up to “Social Credit” databases that could dictate student access not only to schools, but also to employment, healthcare, housing, transportation, due process, and even food.


U.S. Constitution Expired. California Exemptions Revoked. Natural Law Stands.

No Shot No Public School

According to a notice from the State of California Department Health and Human Services, all medical exemptions for children attending state public schools are now revoked and no longer valid. Specifically, medical exemptions that meet two conditions under the amended law eliminates a parent’s ability to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines, at the start of coming school year, January 1, 2021-2022 (or September 1, 2021, for child care facilities).

In a shaming ritual some call a witch hunt, The California DPH “disciplined” a group of medical doctors and publicly blacklisted them by name and license number. More than 8500 doctors are listed in a 92-page document found here. If a doctor who wrote a child’s exemption is on the list, or was disciplined in some small way, that child’s medical exemption will not be considered valid for the next school year.

Moreover, public health officials will have the power to call the shots in schools that have less than a 95% vaccination rate, and revoke exemptions they consider illegitimate. Why 95%? To achieve community immunity, the new herd immunity, as defined by government entities. Has Herd Immunity been redefined to favor mass vaccination programs?


Jill Biden to visit Connecticut and Pennsylvania to tout Joe’s plan to open schools as first lady exerts her influence in husband’s administration

Jill Biden will visit Connecticut and Pennsylvania on Wednesday to tout the president’s plan to reopen schools as the first lady is making her influence felt in her husband’s administration.

She will visit Meriden, Connecticut, the hometown of newly-confirmed Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, who will travel with her. The two will visit Benjamin Franklin Elementary School.

Cardona served as a fourth-grade teacher, principal and an assistant superintendent for Meriden Public Schools before joining the Biden administration.

The duo also will visit Fort LeBoeuf Middle School in Waterford, Pennsylvania. 

‘They will be having a conversation at the schools that they’re visiting that have reopened – about what has been effective, what has worked, what are the lessons learned, what do they need more assistance with, and certainly that is information that they will take back with them,’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at her briefing on Tuesday.

President Joe Biden has pushed to reopen schools for in-person education. Cardona will play a central role in making that happen. And Biden’s COVID relief plan includes $130 billion for the nation’s schools to help them with costs associated with reopening, such as extra cleaning, more classrooms needed for social distancing and mental health services. 

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Mediocrity Is Now Mandatory

From stimulus to school admissions, leaders act as if ease is the only worthy goal

Has an era of American mediocrity begun? In January the College Board announced it would eliminate the essay portion of the SAT, as well as all of the separate SAT subject tests. Their stated purpose was “reducing and simplifying demands on students.” Such a burden.

One high school near me just dropped freshman advanced-standing (honors) English “to combat the effects of academic ‘tracking” because it “ultimately separates students of different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds.” It turns out that middle schools from lower-income areas aren’t adequately preparing their students for high school. So rather than fix that problem, they dumbed down high school.

Then again, when the University of California system did away with racial preferences in 1996, it moved to holistic admissions. What does holistic mean? Anything you want. The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities defines it as “assessing an applicant’s unique experiences alongside traditional measures of academic readiness.” Grades are only a suggestion—and SAT scores are biased, supposedly. And here you thought smart students got into good colleges. Yes, mediocrity has crept into our self-proclaimed elite colleges. Job recruiters understand this.

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Boise State University overrun by social justice ideology, according to scholars’ new report

Social justice proponents are steadily transforming the public institution from within, scholars argue

Social justice has fully permeated academics at Boise State University, according to a new research report that suggests such a situation on campus “divides the world into aggrieved minorities and oppressive majorities.”

Scholars Scott Yenor and Anna Miller, in their December 2020 report “Social justice ideology in Idaho higher education,” break down how social justice proponents have “infiltrated the highest level of the BSU administration” and are steadily transforming the public institution from within.

“BSU is adding to its social justice mission every year,” the 36-page report states. “Social justice education at BSU is no longer in its infancy. It is heading toward maturity, spreading into hiring, policies, curriculum, and student life.”

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Biden Scraps Trump Mandate For Universities To Report Chinese Dealings

President Trump made sure that any institutions failing to comply would lose certification for the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. Now Biden has scrapped the policy.

Joe Biden has scrapped a policy instituted by President Trump that mandated US colleges and universities to report all connections with the Chinese government to encourage transparency in the face of evidence that CCP propaganda is infiltrating the education system.

Axios reports that Trump enacted a policy demanding that education institutions disclose all dealings with the controversial Chinese Confucius Institute.

Trump made sure that under the new policy any institutions failing to comply would lose certification for the Student and Exchange Visitor Program.

However, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs documents show that Biden scrapped the policy on January 26, with an ICE official also confirming to Campus Reform that the policy was done away with by Biden.

In 2018, Trump also signed the National Defense Authorization Act, into which Senator Ted Cruz had placed a provision prohibiting funding to the Chinese-run Confucius Institutes on American campuses. Since that time, scores of schools have closed their Confucius Institute, according to Human Rights Watch.

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