FDA in Rebellion Over White House’s Rushed ‘Booster’ Plans

There’s a mutiny going down at the FDA over the Biden regime’s outrageous plans to shoot up extremely low-risk kids as young as 12 and give boosters for all adults.

From Politico:

Biden’s top-down booster plan sparks anger at FDA

Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock sent a memo Tuesday evening to vaccine regulators, reiterating her support as frustration over the process spreads within their ranks.


The Biden administration’s decisions over when to administer coronavirus vaccine boosters are triggering turmoil within the Food and Drug Administration, frustrating regulators and sparking fear that political pressures will once again override the agency’s expertise.

FDA officials are scrambling to collect and analyze data that clearly demonstrate the boosters’ benefits before the administration’s Sept. 20 deadline for rolling them out to most adults. Many outside experts, and some within the agency, see uncomfortable similarities between the Biden team’s top-down booster plan and former President Donald Trump’s attempts to goad FDA into accelerating its initial authorization process for Covid-19 vaccines and push through unproven virus treatments.

On Tuesday, two top FDA vaccine regulators resigned — a decision that one former official said was rooted in anger over the agency’s lack of autonomy in the booster planning so far. A current health official said the pair, Marion Gruber and Philip Krause, left over differences with FDA’s top vaccine official Peter Marks. Now the agency is facing a potential mutiny among its staff and outside vaccine advisers, several of whom feel cut out of key decisions and who view the plan to offer boosters to all adults as premature and unnecessary.

[…] The tensions between FDA’s regulators and top Biden administration officials — including Woodcock, who has publicly endorsed the booster plan — come as the agency begins to tackle its most difficult decisions yet on Covid-19 shots. Many center around making them available to children under 12, whose bodies react differently to the virus and vaccines to prevent it. FDA will have to decide whether the rising number of cases in kids warrants making shots available to them on an emergency basis, before the lengthier approval process, which is more likely to detect any rare side effects.

But for now, much of the discord within the agency centers on the administration’s decision to push ahead with boosters before FDA’s top scientists had a chance to weigh in.

It was “the administration’s booster plan; it wasn’t the FDA’s booster plan,” said Paul Offit, a University of Pennsylvania infectious disease expert who sits on FDA’s vaccine advisory committee. “The administration has kind of backed themselves up against the wall a little bit here.”

[…] Another senior health official with direct knowledge of the situation said that political appointees within the White House largely steered the mid-August booster announcement.

The tension within the administration plus open skepticism from outside experts has fueled finger-pointing and divisions among health agencies. Career scientists in particular have been confused and surprised by the process, multiple people involved in the talks said.

Biden added to the confusion and controversy last weekend when he suggested that boosters could be administered just five months after the initial regimen, rather than the eight his administration had just proposed. Those remarks, coming after a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, fueled worries that an administration that had pledged to “follow the science” was letting politics dictate outcomes.

Biden’s following the Prime Minister of Israel, not the science.

What else is new?

But others familiar with the administration’s thinking said that Biden and his top health aides, including Zients and chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci, had to lay the groundwork for booster shots so the public would be ready for what they saw as the unavoidable reality of additional vaccinations.

“If the White House didn’t lead, what would happen?” said a person familiar with the discussions behind the scenes.

Yet, the confusion over the plan continues to build. While Pfizer completed its initial booster application on Aug. 27, it is unclear when Moderna and Johnson & Johnson might join its ranks, or when FDA will approve Pfizer’s submission. Pfizer also has data coming in mid-October tracking booster doses administered between 4.8 and eight months after the original regimen.

Biden’s five-month remark was “an innocent question” by the president after hearing from Bennett that Israel has forged ahead on broad booster dosing, a person familiar with the discussion said. In reality, the timeframe for additional doses comes down to the FDA and the companies submitting data — and likely will turn out to be a range of several months for getting a third dose rather than a specific window, they added.

Biden health officials are still confident that they will “have enough information and enough data” by Sept. 20 to make that call, the person familiar said. Several pointed to Israel’s booster data and a “clear” benefit to additional doses, as one health official said.

Not even one clinical trial has been completed to show the effective or side effect profile of boosters, but hey — no trials, no problem!

Follow the science Israel!

“It’s unprecedented,” that the Biden administration would announce a specific booster rollout date before regulators had weighed in, said one Trump official. […]

While the [CDC] has released five studies in recent weeks — some showing fading immunity among health care workers and more breakthroughs than previously recorded — other Biden officials say they are waiting anxiously for a collection of state data that many expect will provide more definitive evidence that breakthrough infections are much higher than previously thought.

The FDA only approved Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine for “emergency use” last year after President Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows told then-FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn to approve it by December 11th or be fired by the end of the day.

Hahn rolled right over to the threats and approved the shot on December 11.

The FDA just rolled over and approved Pfizer’s mRNA jab.

It’s nice to see some FDA officials standing up against this lunacy for a change but odds are the corrupt leadership at the FDA is just going to roll over once again.

Our leading public health organizations are not worthy of the American people’s trust.


England admits more vaccinated people are dying of the delta variant of covid than unvaccinated people. Are we seeing first signs of ADE?

“More vaccinated people are dying of the delta variant of covid than unvaccinated people, according to a recent report from Public Health England. The report shows that 489 of 742 people (65.9%) who died of the delta variant within 28 days of a positive covid test between 1 February 2021 and 2 August 2021, had received at least one dose of the vaccine. 54.1% (402 of 742) had received both doses.”

Now sit down this this… in closing is said:

“The fact that more vaccinated people are dying than unvaccinated people, or that a higher proportion of people in hospital with covid have been vaccinated than we might expect, does nothing to undermine vaccine safety or effectiveness. In fact, it’s exactly what we’d expect from the excellent vaccines”

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CNN interviewed top ISIS-K commander who made brazen threat two weeks before terror attack at Kabul airport

Two weeks before ISIS-K launched an attack outside the Kabul airport, CNN’s chief international correspondent, Clarissa Ward, spoke with a senior ISIS-K commander who allegedly promised to “restart operations” after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Tragically, that threat became reality on Thursday when ISIS-K launched an attack outside the Kabul airport where evacuation operations were ongoing. That attack killed 13 United States service members and more than 160 Afghanistan civilians.

What are the details?

The interview was conducted just days before Kabul fell to the Taliban several weeks ago. According to Ward, ISIS-K was already in the city, “lying low and waiting for its moment to strike — words that turned out to be eerily prophetic.”

The commander, whose real identity was masked but was called Abdul Munir, is from Kunar Province in east Afghanistan, which borders Pakistan. Speaking with Ward from a Kabul hotel, the commander said he and his men used to fight for the Taliban, but joined the Islamic State because they believed the Taliban was not implementing pure Sharia law.

The commander, whose real identity was masked but was called Abdul Munir, is from Kunar Province in east Afghanistan, which borders Pakistan. Speaking with Ward from a Kabul hotel, the commander said he and his men used to fight for the Taliban, but joined the Islamic State because they believed the Taliban was not implementing pure Sharia law.


The commander explained ISIS-K was exploiting the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan by engaging in a large-scale recruitment drive, and promised to “restart operations” once the takeover was complete.

“That moment has now come, as the world saw all too clearly on Thursday,” Ward said in the video.

Now that ISIS-K “operations” have been restarted, Ward explained the goal of ISIS-K is to “undermine” the Taliban. By launching attacks, the terrorist group is doing just that, eroding the allusion that a Taliban government can guarantee security.

Anything else?

The U.S. military conducted a strike on Friday against the ISIS-K terrorist purportedly responsible for planning the attack outside the Kabul airport.

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Oppose COVID Restrictions? You Might be a Terrorist — And Other Orwellian Weekly News

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man

Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.

Oppose COVID restrictions? You might be a terrorist.

Leading up to the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security is warning about potential terrorism.

But for some reason, it’s not focused on foreign terrorists harbored by the likes of the Taliban— now back in power in Afghanistan.

Instead, the DHS is focused on domestic extremists, saying:

“Such threats are also exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions.”

Wait, what?? “Perceived” government restrictions? It’s as if these people think the restrictions aren’t real. We’ve apparently been imagining all the restrictions over the past 18 months.

And anyone who does imagine these “perceived” restrictions, like mask mandates for school children, must be a domestic terrorist.

That makes perfect sense.

Click here to read the bulletin.


Bill introduced to ban unvaccinated from domestic flights

A US Congressman introduced a bill earlier this month:

“. . . to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. . .”

Click here to see the bill on Congress.gov.

The bar for ‘heroism’ just hit an all-time low

Last month, at least 51 members of the Texas House of Representatives fled the state capital in order to prevent certain legislation from being passed.

Because the politicians left town, the House of Representatives no longer had the minimum number of members required by law to hold their legislative session and vote on the bill.

The Speaker of the House issued civil arrest warrants to have them recalled, so the absent members then left the state for Washington DC— most of them via private jets and chartered planes— where they cozied up with their federal colleagues in Congress for several weeks.

The situation was finally resolved yesterday when a handful of them returned to Austin so that the legislative session could begin.

The returning politicians, though, congratulated themselves in a public statement, saying:

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Lord, we pray against further corruption among our nation’s leaders.


Laurene Powell Jobs, whom Vox describes as “one of the world’s most important philanthropists,” is the widow of Apple founder and billionaire computer guru Steve Jobs. She has become a secret superpower behind a vast network of left-wing media outlets, organizations, and politicians. Forbes lists Jobs as one of the ten richest women on earth, with a net worth of around $16 billion, mostly from her family stakes in two of the world’s biggest companies: Apple and Disney.

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I investigated Jobs’ growing influence in my new book, Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruptions, which exposes the hidden connections between the establishment media and the activist left. . . .

Soros is branded a “philanthropist,” but he also functions as a one-man piggy bank for the globalist far-left. Much like Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the main vehicle for Jobs’ influence is Emerson Collective (EC), the philanthropic outfit she founded and leads. The Emerson Collective, according to Forbes, is “a hybrid philanthropic and investing limited liability company.”  . . .

Inside Philanthropy named Jobs 2019’s “Least Transparent Mega-giver.”

EC functions primarily as a private business owned by Jobs’s personal trust. This shields it from IRS disclosure rules and allows it to more freely engage in political activity. . . .

The Atlantic published what is perhaps the single fakest fake news story of the 2020 election. On September 3, 2020, editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg posted an article with the bombshell headline “Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers.’” The piece alleged that Donald Trump, while in France to commemorate American Marines who died in World War II, denigrated American soldiers who died in combat.

Though the content of the article relied only on anonymous sources, was never proven, and was refuted by myriad on-record sources including several Trump-haters, it had undeniable power in the news cycle. The timing was impeccable.  . . .

The piece ran on a Thursday evening, and by the following morning a left-wing group called VoteVets already had cut an anti-Trump ad around it, which aired on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. . . .

Jobs is also an investor in Axios, a prestige D.C. news outlet with an HBO television show. She also funds Mother Jones and ProPublica, both of which are part of the activist left but also does substantial reporting. The Emerson Collective has also partnered with NowThis, a hyperpartisan left-wing viral news video operation targeted at millennials.

Jobs also has funded ACRONYM, a Democratic technology venture, which pumped $25 million into Courier Newsroom, which claims to fund independent local newsrooms across the country. . . .

Bloomberg’s Joshua Green described Courier as “the Left’s plan to slip vote-swaying news into Facebook Feeds” under the guise of “hypertargeted hometown news.” Left-of-center media watchdog NewsGuard was even more cynical: “Courier and Acronym are exploiting the widespread loss of local journalism to create and disseminate something we really don’t need: hyperlocal partisan propaganda.” . . .

The decline of print and independent media has created an opportunity for monied partisans to launder their political activism through established media brands. Courier seemingly shows how far that exploitation has gone.

In addition to backing major media brands, Emerson Collective actively supports the Democratic Party. . . .

Laurene Powell Jobs went to the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford, she worked for Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, she married well and inherited a lot of money, and her wealth is tied up in some of world’s biggest companies. She is the establishment.

Her most prestigious publication, the Atlantic, was founded by Emerson Collective namesake Ralph Waldo Emerson; it had the founding motto “of no party or clique.” . . .

The Emerson Collective office features a mural inspired by Malcolm X’s famed “Ballot or the Bullet” speech; the speech, largely about civil rights and black nationalism, is highly critical of the Democrat Party and powerful whites. What would these men think of a plutocrat tech heiress appropriating their names and legacies as part of a tenebrous political power play? . . .



Walmart and Disney Will Now Require Vaccines, Workers Given Just 60 Days to Comply in Some Cases

 Two of the country’s largest employers have announced that will require their employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or be fired.

The Associated Press, via MarketWatch, reported that Walmart and the Walt Disney Company have decided that vaccine status will become a condition of employment, ignoring that many employees might already have COVID antibodies obtained through natural infections.

Walmart will not require each and every one of its estimated 1.5 million U.S. employees to receive the vaccine. However, those working for Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, will all be required to get vaccinated by Oct. 4.

Additionally, Walmart supervisors who travel must get vaccinated by October. The company cited the Delta variant of the coronavirus as the reason for its policy shift in a Friday media release.

“As we all know, the pandemic is not over, and the Delta variant has led to an increase in infection rates across much of the U.S. Given this, we have made the decision to require all market, regional and divisional associates who work in multiple facilities and all campus office associates to be vaccinated by Oct. 4, unless they have an approved exception,” the company said. “This includes all new hires.”

Walmart asked those who are not vaccinated to “begin the process soon.”

In a separate media release on Friday, Walmart announced that it is bringing back its in-store employee mask mandate.

In a memo addressed to employees at all U.S. stores, the company cited recent and questionable recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which issued advice in favor of wearing masks, even for those who are vaccinated.

“This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their guidance regarding wearing masks due to the concerning levels of transmission of the Delta variant of the coronavirus,” Walmart told associates.

“We remain focused on guidance issued by health experts, including the CDC, as well as state and local health departments. We will continue to follow the latest CDC guidance, which includes fully vaccinated people wearing masks in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high transmission, effective immediately.”

“[Walmart] will follow CDC guidance, which includes fully vaccinated people wearing masks in public indoor settings in counties with substantial or high transmission,” the company said.

“In these counties and where there are state or local mask mandates, associates will be required to wear masks inside our facilities, including stores, clubs, distribution centers and fulfillment centers.”

Walmart is also said it is working on a “process for verification of vaccine status for U.S. associates,” but offered no additional details or a timetable for when employees will be forced to carry or obtain the vaccine passports.

“Throughout the pandemic we have focused on the health and well-being of our associates,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said in the memo to employees. “We believe we have an important role to play and believe the requirement for vaccinations for our leaders is key to driving toward an end to this pandemic. Let’s set the example.”

McMillon also said that the company will “identify new ways of working together on the other side of this virus, but we have to fight the virus, all of us, to get there.”

Disney, meanwhile, will force each and every one of its its salaried and hourly employees in the U.S. to get vaccinated within 60 days, presumably if they want to keep their jobs, the company told CNN Business on Friday.

New hires will not be able to start their jobs with the company until they prove their vaccination status.

Disney’s vaccine mandate does not apply to union workers.