BOMBSHELL: Could OMICRON be the CURE for covid? Highly infectious strain with “mild” symptoms could deliver worldwide natural immunity and make vaccines obsolete

(Natural News) Yesterday I interviewed Steve Kirsch, a highly intelligent, data-driven analyst who has been making huge wave on Substack with his articles on covid vaccines (and their long-term effects on humanity). That full interview will be posted today on my channel at

In that interview, Kirsch dropped a bombshell. He explained that omicron so far appears to be very mild but highly infectious, following a rather typical path of viral host adaptation. As a result, he explained that if a person had to choose which variant to be infected with, they would vastly prefer omicron, since it has so far killed no one (to our knowledge at this point) and yet provokes the body into producing a powerful immune response that confers immunity against all covid variants (including Delta).

Kirsch was right on the money: Omicron is spreading quickly but producing no serious symptoms in those who are said to be “infected” with it. It appears that omicron, despite being widely hyped by the scientifically illiterate corporate media, may have finally reached “seasonal flu” status in terms of its relatively mild impact on human health.

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Covid jab compensation claims soar in Australia

FILE PHOTO: Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine administered to a high-risk worker in Melbourne, Australia. February 22, 2021. © Reuters / Sandra Sanders
Australia’s government could be forced to spend tens of millions in payouts after receiving more than 10,000 compensation claims from people who suffered side effects and loss of income due to Covid-19 vaccines.

Under its no-fault indemnity scheme, eligible claimants can apply for compensation amounts between AU$5,000 (US$3,646) to AU$20,000 (US$14,585) to cover medical costs and lost wages as a result of being hospitalized after getting the shot. The scheme’s online portal is scheduled to be launched next month.

Official figures suggest, however, that over 10,000 people have already indicated their intention to make a claim since registration opened on the health department’s website in September. If each claim was approved, the government could face a bill of at least AU$50 million (US$36.46 million).

There were around 78,880 adverse events to Covid-related vaccination in Australia as of November 7, according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which regulates national health products. The majority of side effects were minor, including headaches, nausea, and arm soreness.

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After Another Soccer Player Collapses On The Field, Former Pro And Sky News Sports Announcer Calls For Investigation

It is not unprecedented. Throughout history there have been sports players who suffered from multiple conditions who have “collapsed” on the field during practice and during live games. However, a recent article from the German newspaper, Berliner Zeitung has highlighted an “unusually large” increase in the number of these collapses recently, leading to much speculation.

The Free Thought Project looked in to how frequently players used to collapse or die during games. There are in fact several recorded collapses every year and even deaths. Doctors and experts usually attribute these to underlying conditions which have not been previously diagnosed. However, as Berliner Zeitung points out, the number of players who have collapsed in 2021 appears to be much higher than previous years.

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MEP Demand Answers: ‘When Will Vaccine Deaths Be Counted’ (Video)

“The vaccinated have a particularly high viral load, which means that for vulnerable groups, it is obviously safest if they are visited by unvaccinated people.” – MEP Nicolaus Fest

On Wednesday, on the floor of the European Parliament, German MEP Nicolaus Fest (AfD) demanded that instead of jabbing more people, they examine the efficacy, side effects, and deaths in connection with the vaccinations. Furthermore, he wants the pharmaceutical companies to be held liable.

Leaders Lied – Vaccinated People Threat To Vulnerable Groups

“So now we want to vaccinate the entire world. Naturally one wonders why because up until now, the reasons have all been either wrong or misleading. At first, they said they only wanted to vaccinate the vulnerable groups. So, the people over 60. Now they say, no, you have to start at the age of 18.” said MEP Fest.

Then it was said: with a vaccination rate of 70 percent, we have achieved herd immunity. So now it is said that the vaccination rate should be 100 percent. “The peak of this absurdity is that the unvaccinated are a danger to the vaccinated. We haven’t heard that one before,” stated Fest.

Leaders also told people to get vaccinated in solidarity with the vulnerable. However, now it has been shown that vaccinated people have an exceptionally high virus load. Therefore, it is safest for vulnerable groups to be around unvaccinated people, the MEP emphasized.

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The SCIENCE is CLEAR: Higher covid “vaccine” coverage equals higher excess mortality

(Natural NewsNew research out of Germany shows that the most “vaccinated” areas of the world for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) also have the highest rates of excess mortality.

An English translation of the study’s findings explains that the less vaccinated the area, the higher the chances of survival. Conversely, the more vaccinated the area, the greater the rate of excess mortality.

“The correlation is + .31, is amazingly high and especially in an unexpected direction,” it explains.

“Actually, it should be negative, so that one could say: The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the excess mortality. However, the opposite is the case and this urgently needs to be clarified. Excess mortality can be observed in all 16 countries.”

Steve Kirsch of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund says that none of this is surprising to him. Since Chinese Virus injections are the deadliest class of “vaccine” in history by a factor of over 800, it only makes sense that people everywhere who take them are dying in droves.

“In plain English: vaccination makes things worse, not better,” he writes.

The original study is available for download as a Word document. Kirsch also uploaded an English version as a PDF for easy viewing.

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Ireland goes into “semi-lockdown” despite 93% vaccination rate as COVID-19 cases spike

Ireland may be one of the most vaccinated countries in Europe against COVID-19, but that hasn’t been enough to stop the spread of the virus there, and now the population is facing new curfews and other restrictions.

Prime Minister Micheal Martin said the rise in infections being seen there is a “cause of deep concern” and announced the country will institute several new “semi-lockdown” measures to stop people from socializing and spreading the disease. One part of the new approach is a nationwide midnight curfew on restaurants, clubs and bars.

The move could be devastating to the already-shaky dining and entertainment industry. The Vintners’ Federation of Ireland, which represents around 4,000 Irish pub owners, said it will effectively close their establishments, stating: “The news that restricted trading hours are set to be reintroduced is a hugely disappointing development for the many late-night pubs and night clubs many of whom will now be forced to shut just three weeks after reopening.”

There will also be new work from home guidelines that encourage people who are able to work from home to do so. In addition, Covid passports will now be required to enter theaters and cinemas.

The government has also instructed fully vaccinated household close contacts of people with the virus to stay at home for five days and get tested.

In Ireland, 93 percent of the population is vaccinated, so these extreme measures and the case spikes that prompted them should raise a lot of questions among those who have put so much faith in these vaccines.

Ireland’s high vaccination rate has done little to stop cases from rising 275 percent in the past month, yet somehow they have come to the conclusion that more vaccines are needed, as Martin has instructed health authorities to look into reducing the five-month gap between a person’s initial round of vaccines and booster shots.

The PM told his party on Wednesday that he cannot guarantee there won’t be another full lockdown in the coming weeks. He said: “We are in a challenging period, and the coming weeks will be uncertain, with no guarantees.”

Meanwhile, Irish Parliament Member Willie O’Dea has threatened more severe lockdowns if people continue to gather in large groups without masks. The former minister expressed dismay at seeing people gathered in long lines outside clubs in Limerick just 24 hours after the government asked people to limit their social contacts.

“The function of the original lockdown was to stop people congregating and behaving irresponsibly, and the Government policy now is to depend on people to do that voluntarily. Of course if they don’t do that voluntarily, it could inevitably lead to another lockdown, which nobody wants.”

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Loudon County Health Department refrained from alerting parents until after a parent blew the whistle on the local news

Finally, after enough parents freaked out and made the atrocity public, the county health department issued a statement instructing parents to consult with their pediatrician to see what to do next to save the child should adverse reactions kick into full gear. Bottom line is that negligence is negligence, and this is a vital time to not be negligent. There’s a reason these jabs have only had emergency approval for so long. There’s a reason children’s versions are greatly diluted.

What’s next? Will the pharmacies start prescribing children opioids “by accident” instead of aspirin for pain? Will everyone who wants a standard flu shot get a Covid jab instead “by accident?” An investigation has been opened about this atrocity at the Virginia pharmacy, but most likely, nothing will come of it. The vaccine industry and the Covid regime in Washington DC will surely keep their wrists from getting slapped too hard for this.

Believe it or not, Steve Kirsch, a famous tech guru and the “Infoseek” search engine inventor, already predicted this exact “event” would happen. He recently posted some research about how Pfizer was reformulating the children’s version of their mRNA jab at 1/3rd dose for FDA approval, but that, he said, may not be the “final version” the kids really get. If this clot shot is lethal for kids, looks like it’s back to secret hearings to pay off and shut up the vaccine injured masses, of which only a select amount can afford attorneys and have the courage to step forward.

For the best in truth news on your internet dial tune to because it doesn’t take a scientist or doctor to see that Covid vaccines, Remdesivir, masks, ventilators and bad CDC advice are creating a pandemic of their own.

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Ted Pharmacy in northern Virginia gave 112 children the extremely potent ADULT version of the Covid gene therapy jab

Federal and state officials have banned the pharmacy in question from the state’s vaccination program and repossessed all clot shots from the location. Pharmacy staffers who injected over 100 children with the wrong vaccine claimed it was an accident, but that excuse fell apart when parents later verified that they ALREADY questioned the staff just before they stabbed it into their children to make sure it was the right one. The vaccines have different color caps for this reason alone. The adult versions have a distinctive purple cap color-coding, whereas the highly diluted children’s version comes with an orange cap.

Reporters spoke with other parents, and one mother says she noticed the staff member was about to give her daughter the wrong one, so she spoke up, yet still the pharmacist jabbed her with the wrong one. This is why these parents suspect foul play and insidious motives. Another pharmacist told a mother who questioned the color-coding adult cap that it basically doesn’t matter which color the cap is, and that it’s “okay” to use either.

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