STUDY: “Vaccinating” people who already had covid is pointless

Injecting people for Chinese Germs after they already tested “positive” for them is a fool’s game, according to new research that debunks the lies being pushed by Tony Fauci.

Scientists from the Cleveland Clinic say that there is “no point” in administering Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines to people who already had the disease. A study they conducted found that those who already had the Wuhan Flu “do not get additional benefits from vaccination,” despite what the “authorities” claim.

Since most people probably encountered the Chinese Virus at some point throughout the past year, even if they never showed symptoms – which is true for most “infected” people, by the way – this latest revelation would suggest that Wuhan Flu shots are pointless for everyone, and all remaining vials should immediately go into the waste bin.

If science is to be believed, then “Operation Warp Speed” and all associated efforts to mass inject everyone for the Chinese Flu is a total waste of time. It is also a flagrant act of genocide to continue pushing the shots, which are injuring and killing tens of thousands of people.