Seattle children’s soccer league president calls cops on parents who refuse to wear masks outside, permanently bans their kids from the league: Report

The president of a Seattle-area children’s soccer league reportedly harassed and called the police on parents who refused to wear masks outdoors while watching their kids play, the Post Millennial reported Wednesday.




What happened?

According to the news outlet, the family was stopped upon arrival at the park in King County and told by West Seattle Soccer Club League President Chip Goss that only one parent could enter with one child, despite other families reportedly entering the area together.

Goss eventually agreed to let the family enter the park on the condition that they watch the games from behind a nearby baseball diamond, away from the soccer field and other spectators.

The family agreed. But upon seeing other large family units present at the park — many of them not wearing masks — they decided to move a little closer to watch the games from inside the dugout of the baseball diamond, where no other families were present.

Goss apparently spotted the family sitting together and approached them. That’s when the exchange below ensued, resulting in Goss calling the police to intervene.

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