Russia testing nuclear missiles and submarines in the Arctic as global tensions escalate

A British spy plane that has been monitoring Russian war games being carried out in the Arctic recently confirmed that Russia has finished initial testing of Vladimir Putin’s new Zircon missile.

The hypersonic weapon can travel at 6,100 miles per hour and has now been fired four times from Russia’s Admiral Gorshkov frigate. It is expected to go into service in 2022.

Although the Gorshkov had been expected to fire the Zircon, Russian defense chiefs would only confirm that supersonic Oniks missiles were fired from the frigate. The fired missiles hit a target near Novaya Zemlya. All vessels were banned from navigating sizeable areas of the water on the Kara Sea and Barents Sea sides of the Arctic archipelago during the test.

A military source said that four launches were made, and all of the missiles involved hit the “bullseye.”

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