REVEALED: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey banned Trump while on vacation in French Polynesia sending the president ‘ballistic’ as he furiously tweeted through other accounts

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was on vacation on an island in French Polynesia while he and executives were debating on how it would handle President Trump’s account
  • About 350 Twitter employees wrote a letter to management urging them to permanently ban Trump and called for an investigation into the corporate actions leading up to Wednesday’s riots 
  • Sources told the NYT Dorsey and fellow execs said they wanted to be consistent with Twitter’s policies
  • Twitter announced Trump’s ban on Friday evening citing risks of ‘further incitement to violence’
  • Sources said the president went ‘ballistic’ and was ‘scrambling to figure out what his options are’ 
  • At least two other accounts were suspended after attempts were made to give Trump access to the platform after he was locked out
  • Trump appeared to have found a loophole by using the @POTUS account to share a message to his followers claiming that he would set up his own social media network
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