Prominent French magazine publishes ‘The Suicide of America’ issue, criticizing Biden, wokeness

America’s move towards ‘wokeness’ has arrived at the forefront of international discourse.

The perception of USA progressive ideology was cemented by France’s President Macron earlier this year. Macron lamented on how it spread out across the globe from the USA, and eventually made even the French general public more “racializing” of one another. This and more came out of the interview Macron gave to Elle magazine.

Now that sentiment is resurfacing, as Newsweek shares the cover of Le Spectacle Du Monde. Translated it says “The Suicide of America,” and it openly questions if America’s collapse was imminent based on the Biden administration’s recent gaffes in Afghanistan, the U.S. southern border, and elsewhere.

The majority of the Newsweek write-up talks about the annual “Tocqueville Conversations” event held at Chateau de Tocqueville in France. Alexis de Tocqueville’s present-day descendant Jean-Guillaume hosts this meeting of the minds to debate American politics.

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