Portland police called to guard dumpsters full of food after it was discarded by large grocer

by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) It’s not everyday that police officers have to be called out in force to guard garbage, and yet that’s exactly what happened in Portland, Ore., last week. 

Call it a sign of the crazy times in which we live.

According to The Oregonian, about a dozen of Portland’s finest were called to confront a group of people at a Fred Meyer grocery store in the northeast part of the city after they attempted to take food from dumpsters after it had been thrown away.

“Workers at the Hollywood West Fred Meyer threw away thousands of perishable items because the story, like many others, had lost power in an outage brought on by the region’s winter storm,” the outlet reported. 

Residents were drawn to the grocer’s trash bins after images of food tossed into the garbage were posted to social media showing mounds of meats, cheeses, juice, whole turkeys, racks of ribs and other items that had been thrown out.

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