Poll: Public prefers Bennett-Lapid gov’t to election, but few expect it to last

Survey for Channel 12 also shows more Israelis trust Yamina chief than Netanyahu, and more Israelis blame the premier for the failure to form a right-wing government

A plurality of Israelis prefer the prospective power-sharing government of Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid to new elections, but only a quarter believe it will succeed, a poll indicated Saturday.

The Midgam survey for Channel 12 showed 46 percent of Israelis prefer the emergent government to a fifth national vote, while 38% would like to go to the polls again. Fifteen percent said they did not know. On the right, a third of right-wing voters said they preferred the change government, while 55% prefer elections.

Meanwhile 42% think the government will be sworn in but won’t last, 16% think it won’t even be sworn in, and only 24% believe it will be sworn in and last.