Pinkerton: Joe’s Presidency Is Building Hunter Biden Back Bigger

Catch Me If You Can

We’ve been hearing a lot these days about the Biden administration’s $3.5 trillion Build Back Better (BBB) plan that has been tangled up in Congress with uncertain prospects of success. 

However, there’s one Biden plan that’s going along nicely. 

That would be the BHBBB plan, which stands for Building Hunter Biden Back Bigger. Bigger as in bigger bank account.

As Breitbart News reported recently, “Hunter Biden, the president’s son, reportedly sold at least five pieces of art for $75,000 each at his Los Angeles exhibit on October 1.” To put that another way, that’s $375,000—at least. How much of that goes to Hunter? How much for middlemen? And how much for anyone else?  

These are all important questions, but unfortunately we don’t have any answers because Hunter’s not telling. As he said recently of the critical and the curious, “F*ck ‘em.” 

In response, ethics experts have stated the obvious, namely that there should be full transparency about Hunter’s financial affairs. And yet the White House is having none of that full disclosure stuff. 

Just on October 12, when asked by Breitbart News’ Charlie Spiering about Hunter’s art sales, White House press secretary Jen Psaki answered, “We still do not know and will not know who purchases any paintings and the president remains proud of his son.” 

The White House

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Got that? With apologies to Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes, “We see nothing!  We know nothing!”  (This at the same time when the Biden administration wants the IRS to track every American’s transactions over $600.)

In the meantime, we are supposed to trust Hunter, his art dealer, and his art purchasers—whoever they might be.

So we have no idea if Hunter is making thousands or hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions from his art gig. It’s all a giant question mark. And yet at the same time, lots of money from who knows where is hiding in plain sight.  

But there’s one thing we can be sure of: Hunter has needed money. Yes, he’s made millions in a three-decade career basking in the golden aura of his famous father, and yet he’s also spent money like a drunken sailor—or most specifically, like a crack addict.  

For more insight into Hunter’s high life and high times, we might consider the candid assessment rendered by one of his business contacts. Back in January 2015, when Joe Biden was vice president, one wheeler-dealer wrote an e-mail to another wheeler-dealer laying out the upsides and downsides of hiring Hunter to work on a Libya deal.  

The upside was that Hunter “has access to highest level in PRC.” That is, the People’s Republic of China. Yet there were were downsides too: “His negatives are that he is alcoholic, drug addict – kicked [out] of U.S. Army for cocaine, chasing low class hookers, constantly needs money-liquidity problems and many more headaches.” (Correction: Hunter was kicked out of the U.S. Navy.) 

Hunter did not get that gig. 

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