Pick up the pace! Slow walkers are FOUR TIMES more likely to die from Covid-19, study warns

People who walk slowly are at a four times greater risk of dying from coronavirus and twice as likely to contract severe Covid-19, a new study has warned.

University of Leicester researchers studied 412,596 middle-aged UK Biobank participants and the relative link between body mass, walking pace and Covid-19.  

People walking slowly but of a normal weight are 2.5 times more likely to develop severe Covid-19 than normal-weight, fast walkers, the team discovered.

They also found that slow walkers were 3.75 times more likely to die from the virus that put most of the world in lockdown and has led to millions of deaths.

For the study, a slow walker was defined as someone who moved at three miles per hour, while a fast walker moved at more than four miles per hour. 

While the reason for the findings remain unclear, the researchers suggest that fast walkers may have a healthier cardiovascular system, regardless of their weight. 

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