Pending ‘Coronavirus Apocalypse’ Impels Man to Return Ballista Stolen From Jerusalem

While cleaning for Passover, the unnamed repentant dusted off the 2,000-year-old weapon he had stolen as a rebellious teenager from the City of David and gave it back to the antiquities authority

Various Roman catapult (ballista) rocks found along the Pilgrim’s Road in the City of David, JerusalemCredit: Clara Amit, IAA

The end may or may not be nigh, but some people are stirred by the notion of impending doom to return antiquities they stole years and even decades ago to the benevolent authorities.

The latest archaeological artifact to be shamefacedly restored to the hands of the State of Israel is a ballista stone stolen 15 years ago from a dig in Jerusalem. The impetus? Not the usual apocalypse per se, but the coronavirus.