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February 25, 2021

More than 50 inmates killed in riots sparked by rival gangs clashing for control at three prisons in Ecuador

More than 50 inmates have been confirmed dead following a series of riots at three prisons in Ecuador, authorities announced. The uprisings were reported Tuesday morning after several criminal groups battling for control inside the penitentiary systems clashed, the Ecuador National Police said via a statement.  Images from the bloody carnage that were posted on

Covid 19

All people with learning disabilities will be invited for Covid vaccines, says care minister

All adults on the learning disability register will be invited to get a coronavirus vaccine following advice from the Joint Committtee on Vaccination and Immunisation. Those with severe learning disabilities are already included in priority group six, while adults with less severe conditions are not prioritised but the JCVI said the health service should now


Is this the ‘person’ claiming to solve your problems? Robots posing as humans now answer up to 85% of customer queries online… and they can make you blow a fuse

The chances are high that ‘Ann’ was not a real person and was, instead, a chatbot — an automated answering service which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read written messages, calculate what a customer wants, then answer their questions.Automated chat services are usually accessed via a pop-up on the company’s website or through messaging on


AOC Mocked For Giving Biden A ‘Slap On The Wrist’ For Opening Detention Camps For Migrant Kids

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was mocked online Tuesday evening for giving only a mild criticism to President Joe Biden’s decision to open an immgrant detention facility for kids—something she called “concentration camps” when it was under President Donald Trump. Ocasio-Cortez’s statement addressing the issue came after critics started to call her out online over

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Birth Pangs

Etna erupts with a fury ‘rarely seen for decades’: Volcano continues its recent spectacular displays as image shows how its deadly rivers of lava look from space

Europe’s most active volcano erupted late on Monday and continued into the early hours of Tuesday morning A satellite image taken earlier in the week and released by the European Space Agency showed what Etna’s deadly lava flows look like from space, streaking down the side of the towering 3,329m tall mountain Some said Monday’s eruption


No Charges Will Be Filed Against Officers In Daniel Prude Case

A grand jury will not seek charges against officers connected to Daniel Prude, a black male who died following an interaction with Rochester Police Department (RPD). New York Attorney General Letitia James announced the decision on Tuesday, noting that “many will be ‘rightfully” disappointed, but said they must respect the decision,” according to The Associated


DOJ withdraws from federal lawsuit claiming unfair competition from transgender athletes in high school track racing

The Department of Justice withdrew their support of a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn a state policy in Connecticut that allows transgender athletes to race in women’s track competitions. The lawsuit by several female runners claimed that they had been deprived of wins, state titles and athletic opportunities because they were unfairly competing against transgender runners who


ROGER KIMBALL: WHY WE NEED AN INQUIRY INTO JANUARY 6TH. “Five people died at or near the Capitol that day. None was murdered by the protesters.

Ashli Babbitt, a pro-Trump activist, was shot in the neck at close range, apparently by a law enforcement officer, and died of the wound. That was the only shot fired at the Capitol that day. The liberal commentator Glenn Greenwald further diminishes the ‘armed insurrection’ meme in an important column titled ‘The False and Exaggerated

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Reporter calls out Biden spokesman on Russia: ‘You guys are taking credit for stuff the previous administration did!’

A State Department media briefing turned into a contentious debate after a reporter called out a spokesman for the Biden administration for stealing credit from the previous administration. POLL: What scares you the most? State Dept. spokesman Ned Price was touting a new report showing that support had significantly lessened for an energy project that would increase


Sleep tight! LA’s notorious Cecil Hotel – where two serial killers lived and 16 people died – could re-open this year following Netflix documentary. But would YOU want to stay there?

The controversial Cecil Hotel in LA could re-open by the end of 2021 it emerged in documents submitted to city planners The 600-bed hotel, rebranded as Stay on Main in 2011, was bought by luxury hoteliers Simon Baron Development in 2014 for $30million In 2016 the company submitted plans to the LA City Council to

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